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Braun unveils a series of new helpful kitchen tools at IHHS 2018

Few of us would be so overly proud as to say that we don’t need a little help in the kitchen, and here to provide just that is Braun. The appliances company debuted a new line of products at the International Home and Housewares Show at Chicago during the March 10-11 weekend, all of which are designed to make the chopping, grinding, and prepping processes just a little bit easier.

First up is the Braun MultiQuick 5 Baby. Featuring 350 watts of power, two-speed settings that allow you to customize your food texture, and an extra milling blade for particularly smooth and fine results, this tool is meant for preparing fresh, wholesome baby food without resorting to the canned variety. The MultiQuick 5 Baby also comes with a beaker and lid, as well as a chopper attachment with an Easy Click system meant for preparing small portions. And if you make a little too much, there’s also a freezer container and a spatula to help you scoop up and preserve the leftovers. Of course, when your baby grows out of mushed food, you can still use the MultiQuick for other food processing needs. The MultiQuick 5 Baby will be made available in April and will retail for $70.

For slightly more grown-up grinding needs, there’s the Braun Burr Grinder. This sleek, compact coffee grinder features multiple settings for drip, espresso, and French Press coffee. You can grind up to 12 cups of whole beans so that you don’t have to constantly run the machine and wake up your entire household by preparing your coffee. You can expect the Burr Grinder to hit shelves in September, and a price tag of $70.

Then, there’s the new Braun BrewSense Coffee Maker, which boasts a 12-cup capacity as well as an exclusive PureFlavor system/ The PureFlavor system claims to brew coffee at the optimal temperature and time in order to “extract the best flavor and aroma.” There’s also an extra-wide display with a clock, as well as a backlit LCD control panel. Thanks to the anti-drip system, cleaning up after this coffee maker shouldn’t be such a mess, and the machine also features a gold-tone permanent filter and charcoal water filter and an automatic decalcification warning. You can buy the BrewSense come April for $80.

Braun has also unveiled a couple new Blender options, like the PureMix Power Blender, whose 1,000 watts of power combine with the company’s Smooth Crush blade system and PowerAssist technology in order to pulverize contents. There are three pre-set blending functions — smoothie, chop, and ice crush — and the blender comes in white and stainless steel color variants. There’s also the Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer, which boasts Braun’s premium in-line vertical motor to keep weight directed into the bowl. That, the company says, should reduce the stress on your hand when you’re mixing. The mixer promises a variable speed control function as well as stainless steel beaters, dough hooks, and an extra-long hook for additional mobility. The blender will be made available in April beginning at $100, while the hand mixer can be purchased in September for $70.

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