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August Smart Lock Pro Review

August Smart Locks now work alongside Apple HomePod for easier door locking

August has announced that its third generation August Smart Lock Pro and second generation August Smart Lock are now compatible with the Apple HomePod.
zooheads showerheads trex 2

Bathe with a dinosaur thanks to Zooheads’ 3D-printed showerheads

Meet Zooheads, a brand new Brooklyn-based brand that is selling unique 3D-printed showerheads that look nothing like the ones you know.
kidde smoke alarm detector recall 3 jpg 11821577 ver1 0 640 360

Kidde smoke alarms are being recalled because they can’t detect smoke

Kidde smoke alarms are failing at the only job they have -- detecting smoke. Nearly half a million of these alarms are being recalled.
sqrdup golf lasers

SQRDUP uses lasers to help you perfect your golf swing

A new company called SQRDUP is hoping to help you up your game, and perhaps bring down your handicap. The key to the company's new technology is an ultra-bright laser beam.
amazon key hack news camera

With Key, Amazon will drop packages right inside your door

Amazon Key is a new solution from the online retail giant that doesn't want to stop at your front door, but wants to go right through it.
hoover smartwash fh52000 lowprofile foot

The Hoover SmartWash hopes to make carpet cleaning as easy as vacuuming

Cleaning your carpet no longer has to be a job reserved for the pros. Not if you have the professional help of the new Hoover SmartWash.
LG G6 vs Blackberry Motion camera comparison

BlackBerry wants you to do its advertising by joining its fan league

BlackBerry has launched a new BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League. Because what better way to show your support for your mobile phone than by joining its fan club? 
waze app update android

Washington state residents can now hitch a ride to work with Waze Carpool

Already available in California and Texas, Waze Carpool has now made its way to Washington state as well.
electrolux fridge recycled plastic bioplastic

Electrolux develops the first fridge made with recycled plastic

Electrolux has created a refrigerator prototype that depends upon bioplastics from renewable sources. It's the first such refrigerator in the world.
History of AI IBM Deep Blue supercomputer

Look out, Alexa and Google Assistant — Watson Assistant is coming for you

Watson, the supercomputer who has won Jeopardy!, helped Marchesa design a dress, and analyzed tennis matches at the U.S. Open, is now coming to your home.
lowes view in your space lowe s ar app

View in Your Space by Lowe’s applies AR to your next home improvement project

View in Your Space helps buyers see what appliances, furniture, and other products might look in their homes before actually making their purchases.
yahoo sports app update mlb major league baseball safe

Play ball! T-Mobile celebrates opening day with Major League Baseball giveaways

In preparation for MLB's opening day, T-Mobile is offering a free one-year subscription to and the MLB At Bat app's premium features.
ikea place ar app master still 7 4

See how that couch would look in your living room in AR with Ikea Place

Now, with Ikea Place, you can use augmented reality to "see" potential pieces of furniture in your home before pulling out your credit card. It's now on Android too.
Amazon Go

Amazon Go customers are still adjusting to the grab-and-go model

According to the vice president of Amazon Go, it has taken shoppers a bit of time to get used to the fact that walking out of a store without stopping by a cash register is legal.
Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart and Handy are teaming up to make furniture assembly easier

In an effort to not be left behind in the dust, Walmart has become the newest retailer to offer in-home furniture and appliance setup for its customers.

Google ups the ante on its war against Amazon with Shopping Actions

Google's new initiative is being called Shopping Actions, and it allows retailers to give their customers "an easy way to shop...with a universal cart."
how to safely order food delivery grubhub

GrubHub and Yelp team up to offer delivery from more than 80,000 restaurants

GrubHub and Yelp have expanded their partnership, which will result in twice as many restaurants being made available on the Yelp website that offer delivery from Grubhub.
li fi wireless internet led light solar cell lifi

An office in France is testing Li-Fi technology for the first time

Philips Lighting, who you likely know best for its bulbs and other illuminating fixtures, is now moving into the internet space by offering Light Fidelity, otherwise known as LiFi.
amazon alexa laugh echo night creepy feature

Watch this adorable grandmother ask Alexa to scratch her back

In a video that has since gone viral (and that underscores the shortcomings of our virtual assistants), a grandmother asks Alexa to scratch her back.
classpass live

ClassPass Live is offering to turn your home into a boutique fitness studio

ClassPass has officially launched ClassPass Live, a new at-home workout service that lets you connect with fitness instructors using nothing more than your television set. 
emglare smart clothing clothes 02

Emglare says its smart shirts can monitor your heart rate

Emglare has introduced a new line of smart clothing that the company claims is capable of monitoring your ECG and heartbeat.
trulia room for rent 1

Trulia’s ‘What Locals Say’ feature gives homebuyers neighborhood insights

Trulia is launching a new product feature called What Locals Say in hopes of helping buyers and renters alike discover a community that will make a house feel like a home. 
google sues uber over self driving car secrets

Selfless move? Uber may be selling its self-driving technology to Toyota

Uber is in the process of negotiating a deal with Toyota in order to install a self-driving system in one of the company's minivans.
android auto review version 1502315865 system press

Google’s Android Auto update now lets you swipe to unlock your phone

Google has just added an update to Android Auto which allows users to swipe in order to unlock their smartphones while Android Auto is active.
Spotify Rap Caviar playlist displayed on an iPhone.

Spotify begins cracking down on third-party playlist services

SpotLister has been now been deemed non-compliant with Spotify's terms of use. It previously placed songs on playlists for a fee.
7mesh oro cycling jacket 1

The cheapest digital power meter for cyclists launches on Android

Meet Fitif Power!, a power meter app developed by the Madrid-based Capitán Nugget team. It helps you monitor your cycling power.
ge9x test flight 1

GE just test flew the largest jet engine in existence — the GE9X

We may call the Boeing 747 a jumbo jet, but that airplane may soon seem like a pretty standard size once aircraft powered by the GE9X take to the skies.

The Coravin wine opener lets you pour a glass without uncorking the bottle

Coravin Model Eleven inserts a needle into the cork of your favorite wine bottle so you can drink at your own pace without letting a good vintage go bad.
sleepsmart pillow side sleeper inflated vs deflated comparison

There’s finally a pillow designed specifically with side-sleepers in mind

Meet the SleepSmart Pillow, an adjustable pillow meant for people who don't sleep on their backs or on their stomachs, but on their side.
vitamix aer disc container 0108p 18007vit

The Vitamix Aer Disc Container will help you bring the restaurant into your home

You don't need to go to culinary school to master top chefs' culinary techniques.  At least, not with the Vitamix Aer Disc Container as part of your arsenal.
Ford Smart Mobility Challenge

Ford is helping you drive more safely with its Ford Co-Pilot360 system

This week, Ford introduced Ford Co-Pilot360, heralded as the most advanced suite of standard driver assist technologies to date.
alexa amazon echo header

Alexa could soon be getting a lot less verbose with the new Brief Mode

Alexa-enabled devices, like the Echo or Echo Show, now have a new so-called "brief mode" that does away with some of Alexa's spoken responses with simple beeps.
Amazon Whole Foods

Amazon might offer a pickup service for Whole Foods and other retailers

It would appear that Amazon is looking to offer a pickup service for both Whole Foods and a "marquee" of other stores. 
lynx pro security camera

The Lynx Pro security camera will keep watching your back even sans power

A disruption in power shouldn't disrupt your ability to keep your loved ones safe, and luckily, Tend's new Lynx Pro security camera agrees.