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The Lynx Pro security camera will keep watching your back even sans power

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A disruption in power shouldn’t disrupt your ability to keep your loved ones safe, and luckily, Tend’s new Lynx Pro Security Camera agrees. This weatherproof security camera promises to record and store up to three days worth of content even in the absence of power for a truly dependable wireless surveillance system.

Thanks to its built-in battery backup and local storage capabilities, the new Lynx Pro promises uninterrupted monitoring of either the interior or exterior of your home. Should the internet or power suddenly go down, this security camera won’t be impacted — and once these services return, the camera will upload all local data to the cloud.

Lynx Pro also features intelligent facial recognition software, that like its competitors, will allow you to upload your friends’ and family’s faces so that you can receive check-in notifications. And if someone who doesn’t look so familiar is spotted sneaking around, you’ll be notified of that activity as well.

“Lynx Pro is a trusted sentinel providing round-the-clock protection for the property and people you love,” said Tend co-founder and CEO Herman Yau. “With its quick and easy setup, uninterrupted monitoring, and free cloud recording, you can depend on Lynx Pro to give you the protection and peace of mind of knowing your belongings and loved ones are safe in any conditions.”

With its IP65-rated weatherproof housing, this camera should be quite long-lasting and durable in just about any environment, and its infrared night-vision helps to monitor your home even without the help of light. There’s also an onboard motion detector that triggers recording and can be set up to send you an alert anytime movement is sensed (though this may quickly become annoying).

The Lynx Pro comes with seven days of free data storage on Tend’s cloud platform, and this data is all available via the companion Tend Secure app, which is free on both iOS and Android. The app also allows for two-way audio, as well as real-time live video streaming and manual recording from a mobile device.

You can pre-order the Lynx Pro now for $120 through March 31, and after this presale period, the camera will return to its regular retail price of $150.

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