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BlackBerry wants you to do its advertising by joining its fan league

You may not have owned a BlackBerry since you were a teenager, but don’t be fooled — there are still die-hard fans of this seemingly vintage handset to be found around the world. Now, in order to bring this seemingly dwindling group together, BlackBerry launched a new BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League. Because what better way to show your support for your mobile phone than by joining its fan club?

Calling its loyal supporters some of the “most loyal and passionate in the world,” BlackBerry Mobile from TCL Communication (which purchased the rights to BlackBerry back in December 2016), hopes that its new Fan League might find “new and creative ways to engage with BlackBerry smartphone fans.” After all, when there aren’t many of your kind, there’s plenty of camaraderie to be found simply in identifying your compatriots.

The goal will be to improve awareness of new Android-powered BlackBerry smartphones like the BlackBerry Keyone, and also help fans “feel more connected” to the smartphone brand. Should you choose to join the Fan League, you have the opportunity to win both weekly and monthly prizes, including the ultimate prize — a new BlackBerry device. Moreover, they will also be called upon to participate in special user surveys and various beta testing programs, which should give them more sway over what comes next from the BlackBerry Mobile team.

“Launching the BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League is our way of better engaging with our customers, rewarding their loyalty and passion for BlackBerry smartphones, but also giving them a voice that will shape the future of BlackBerry smartphones from TCL Communication,” said Alain Lejeune, Global General Manager for TCL Communication’s BlackBerry Mobile Division.

So how exactly will the Fan League work? The points-based so-called social engagement platform will encourage participants to re-share BlackBerry Mobile social media content, create their own content about their BlackBerry smartphone, and recruit new Fan League members. Really, it’s as though the Fan League will be an extension of BlackBerry’s advertising business. Each of these activities will garner participants points, and these points will help them earn entries in order to win various prizes. To begin, the Fan League will be made available only to BlackBerry Mobile customers in Canada, the U.S., and U.K.

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