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SQRDUP uses lasers to help you perfect your golf swing

SQRDUP: The Simplest Way To Align Your Golf Swing

If perfecting your golf swing was on your to-do list in 2018, you’re in luck. A new company called SQRDUP is hoping to help you up your game, and perhaps bring down your handicap. The key to the company’s new technology is an ultra-bright laser beam that provides the basis to SQRDUP’s innovative golf swing alignment tool, which aids in positioning. 

“My youngest brother came up with the basic idea of SQRDUP after noticing the crosshair pattern on our driveway,” said Randy Bowman, SQRDUP co-founder and CEO. “He then had the idea of whether it was possible to build a crosshair pattern device which would project beams of light visible outdoors in the sun. We spent three years in the garage learning everything we could about lasers, LEDs, and holograms. Once we figured out our vision was possible, SQRDUP was created.”

The tiny device provides laser alignment that can help golfers visualize precise golf swings. The device is only 6 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick, weighing in at under a pound. That means that you can take SQRDUP with you anywhere on the green. When you’re ready to start swinging, simply place it on the green and let the lasers guide you the rest of the way. The product claims to also give golfers adjustment feedback for their feet, hands, club, and target.

The device can also be helpful for putting technique. After all, the visibility of a green laser beam provides a fixed putting line that helps players literally visualize their alignment. And no matter how rough your golf game may get, SQRDUP can withstand it — it’s constructed with anodized aluminum and 545 NM wavelength laser technology (visible in full daylight), which means it should be able to stand up to “years of heavy use.”

The built-in rechargeable battery provides two and a half hours of precise alignments on a single charge, and can quickly be re-juiced for your next trip to the green.

“Research has proven that 85 percent of golf swing learning is visual,” said Dr. Jim Suttie, 2000 National PGA Teacher of the Year. “This being the case, the SQRDUP alignment tool does a better job giving feedback on your alignment than any tool I have used in my last 40 years of teaching.”

SQRDUP is currently raising funds via Indiegogo in order to bring its product to launch, and thus far has achieved more than four times its initial fundraising goal. We always urge you to exercise caution when contributing to crowdfunding campaigns, but if you’re interested in backing SQRDUP, the company is offering early bird pricing of $169 for its alignment device. Shipment is expected for April 2018.

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