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The Hoover SmartWash hopes to make carpet cleaning as easy as vacuuming

Cleaning your carpet no longer has to be a job reserved for the pros. Not if you have the professional help of the new Hoover SmartWash. Promising to take all the confusion and guesswork out of carpet cleaning, this new machine claims to be the “most intuitive, best cleaning, full-sized carpet cleaner” on the market. And really, who couldn’t use a cleaner floor?

Going far beyond what your vacuum or a spray bottle and rag can do as far as beautifying and purifying your carpet, the Hoover SmartWash makes it nearly impossible to mess up your cleaning process. The machine auto-mixes and dispenses the cleaning solution, then automatically cleans by sensing how much detergent is needed, and finally automatically dries when it has determined that your carpet is as clean as it’s going to get.

In fact, there are no triggers or buttons to push on the SmartWash — the machine will take care of every aspect of cleaning on your behalf. All you have to do, supposedly, is guide it across your floor.

The SmartWash boasts extra long bristles to make more contact with your carpet, providing a deeper clean. The so-called Flexforce Powerbrushes purport to gently remove deep dirt and debris. When you’re ready to clean your cleaner, Hoover has a one-step removable nozzle that should make maintenance quite straightforward.

In order to actually use the Hoover SmartWash, you’re effectively just guiding it back and forth along your carpet, much as you would a vacuum. Anytime you push it forward, it begins its washing action. Anytime you pull it back, it begins drying. And with the HeatForce technology the SmartWash uses, you should be able to return to a fully dry and fluffy carpet faster than expected.

The SmartWash joins a growing family of cleaning tools that Hoover is pushing out this spring, including the Hoover Spotless, a portable spot cleaner; the Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner, basically a smaller carpet cleaning machine; the Hoover React Cordless Vacuum; the larger Hoover React Quick Lift; and finally, the Hoover SmartWash. While these other products are already available on the Hoover website, it seems as though we may need to wait awhile longer for the SmartWash. We will update you on pricing and availability as we learn more.

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