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Slice through the water like a dolphin with the AquaJet H2, now on Kickstarter

AquaJet H2

You may not have fins, but that doesn’t mean you can’t glide through the water with the grace of an aquatic creature. Thanks to Hoverstar Flight Technology, a company dedicated to water sports equipment, you will soon be able to fly across or underneath the surface of the great blue ocean (or any other body of water) with ease. Meet the AquaJet H2, a motorized underwater scooter with wings dedicated to improving the experience of divers and snorkelers the world over.

The scooter, which looks something like a flattened shark head, features aircraft-style wings that are claimed to reduce water resistance, leading to greater balance and less friction and drag. Adventurers need only grab onto the front of the wings and either dive underwater or skim across its surface. Powered by a “smart internal motor,” the AquaJet H2 can carry up to four people at once, and features three variable speeds. Top speed is 5.6 miles per hour, which is almost certainly faster than you can swim (though Michael Phelps is said to reach speeds of six miles per hour).

In order to offset the torque from the rotation of the motor and propeller, the scooter features a bottom grille board with an arched design to add horizontal stability and a smoother ride for the diver. On the left wing, users will find a switch that controls acceleration, while a switch on the right wing controls speed. In order to navigate with the AquaJet, divers need only to tilt the wings in the desired direction.

The scooter lasts 100 minutes per charge, but even when it’s out of battery, the AquaJet will float on its own. It’s also equipped with positive buoyancy to help divers make their way to the surface quickly and safely.

“Many of us dream of the freedom that a dolphin feels surfing ocean waves, and now the everyday diver or snorkeler can experience that thrill with the AquaJet H2,” Hoverstar founder and CEO Edward Liu said. “While the motor is powerful enough to ride along the ocean … it’s also extremely quiet and doesn’t disrupt any surrounding ocean life,” he added.

The AquaJet H2 is now seeking funding on Kickstarter, where you can back it at the early bird price of $699. Thus far, the project has more than doubled its original funding goal of $10,000, with four weeks left to go. As with all crowdfunded projects, you should know what you’re getting into.

Updated on March 13, 2018: The AquaJet H2 is now seeking funding on Kickstarter. 

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