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The ISSA 2 toothbrush uses silicon bristles to give your mouth a deeper clean

In terms of convenience, you might not even be able to tell the difference between the new sonic electric ISSA 2 toothbrush and your regular manual toothbrush — at least, not when it comes to charging. You see, while you’ll certainly reap all the benefits of an electric brush, you won’t have to worry about plugging things in or getting electronic components wet. That’s because the ISSA 2 by Foreo requires just a single one-hour charge in order to last 365 uses. That means that you only need to devote an hour every six months (if you’re brushing twice a day) to rejuicing your electric toothbrush. So really, why are you still bothering with your old manual version anyway?

While the charge-holding capacities of the ISSA 2 are already quite the conversation starter, perhaps more notable is the medical-grade silicone the toothbrush uses in place of traditional nylon bristles. The soft, flexible brush head promises to better reach all the corners of your mouth, and the bristles are also quicker drying, non-porous, and entirely waterproof. As a result, these silicon bristles claim to resist bacteria buildup and retain up to 10,000 times less bacteria than you might find on your nylon-bristled toothbrush. And if you have particularly sensitive gums or teeth, the silicone is much gentler and less stiff than nylon alternatives.

Designed to be used more like a manual toothbrush, the ISSA 2 integrates T-Sonic technology that pulses at around 11,000 pulsations per minute. This, Foreo claims, allows for micro-sweeping motions to more effectively and carefully clean your teeth and massage your gums. The ISSA 2 comes with no fewer than 16 variable speeds, as well as a built-in timer, and can be recharged using the included USB charger.

There’s also a travel lock feature which makes it easy to take on the road, and the ISSA hybrid head (made of a combination of nylon and silicone), lasts for six months at a time. The 100-percent-silicone head, on the other hand, should last for an entire year. Regardless of which head you choose, however, the toothbrush comes with a two-year limited warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee.

“With the ISSA 2, we sought to offer a brand-new way of cleaning teeth that feels completely unique compared to anything else out there,” said Foreo CEO Paul Peros, From its state-of-the-art material to its revolutionary design, ISSA 2 remains a truly watershed product in a market that had seen little in the way of innovation for far too long.”

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