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Notion partners with HomeAdvisor to connect you to a plumber, and fast

Notion’s home sensor system has long been able to alert you to potential problems in your home, and now, it can help you solve them, too. On Thursday, April 19, the Internet of Things company announced a new integration with home improvement website HomeAdvisor that allows homeowners to immediately get in touch with an available local plumber anytime a water leak is detected. The new feature, called Plumber Matching, is Notion’s first partnership with a service provider, and leverages HomeAdvisor’s “Instant Connect” technology to take action after a potential issue is identified.

With Plumber Matching, anytime Notion detects a water leak in your home, the system will send its homeowner a notification with the new option to connect with a professional plumber in their area. Once the user fills out his or her contact information, HomeAdvisor’s Instant Connect feature matches the user with a nearby plumber. Then, the plumber will contact the homeowner directly to set up an appointment and (hopefully) address the problem before it causes any major damage.

“We’re thrilled to partner with HomeAdvisor to solve real problems for homeowners and amplify what they can do to make their home as safe as possible,” Notion co-founder and CEO Brett Jurgens said. “We’ve started with Plumber Matching knowing that water is the biggest threat to a home, but we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. We’re excited to roll out our partnership with HomeAdvisor to deliver a more fully automated and stress-free life to homeowners across the country. This is what Home Automation should really be about.”

As it stands, the Insurance Information Institute suggests that about one in 50 insured homes, or about 2 percent, submits a property damage claim as a result of water damage or freezing ever year, and the average size of said claim is a rather hefty $8,000. With this new integration, Notion and HomeAdvisor hope to not only help folks identify these risk areas, but also address them almost instantaneously.

Since launching in 2016, Notion claims that it has delivered more than 8 million messages to its homeowners and helped save them more than $1 million in property damages in the last year alone.

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