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The Cowboy ebike may usher in the next generation of electric bicycles

21st century cowboys aren’t riding around on horses. They’ve found ebikes instead. At least, that seems to be the hope of Belgian startup Cowboy, which is building a unique style of smart electronic bicycle. The Cowboy bike purports to be the new standard in ebikes, and unlike its compatriots and competitors, doesn’t actually look like an electronic piece of machinery. It just looks like a bike.

The Cowboy bike boasts a fully concealed 252 WH, key-secured battery in its seatpost (which means there’s no other bulky motor cramping its style), which can be charged in 2.5 hours. You’ll be able to keep tabs on how juiced up your bike is thanks to a display that is built into the Cowboy’s top tube. And because the battery weighs in at under four pounds, it doesn’t add any major heft to the craft. In fact, the whole bike weighs just 35 pounds.

This ebike is pedal-assist, which is to say that the motor will only go when you’re actually exerting some effort yourself. So if you’re looking for a motorbike, this isn’t it. In order for you to actually access to “e” capabilities of the Cowboy, you’ll have to lend your own power. In fact, Cowboy says that its product features “intuitive and automatic motor assistance,” leveraging integrated sensor technology that keeps tabs on your speed and torque, and adjusts its own output to match your pedaling style and force so that you’re given a boost when you need it.

Rather than a classic chain setup, the Cowboy makes use of a carbon belt, which should make maintaining your bike a bit easier. And brake cables are routed internally for a sleeker design, while front and rear lights are also built into the design.

The Cowboy is also a smart bike, which means that it has a Bluetooth-enabled app. If you check your smartphone, you’ll be able to see your speed, distance, and duration traveled. You can also use the app to navigate a course, control your lights, and “Find My Bike,” which can be used to alert the authorities that your bike has been stolen.

The Cowboy bike is on sale for about $2,136, but is available exclusively in Belgium. Hopefully, in the coming months, we’ll see the bike cross the pond.

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