Komodo introduces the first smart compression sleeve

komodo aio smart sleeve image with tracker

As much as our fancy fitness wearables may want to displace personal coaches and trainers, their own recognition of their shortcomings tends to pose a bit of a problem. There was the Fitbit fiasco, in which lawsuits alleged that the device inaccurately reported heart rates, and of course, there are all the devices that stress that they’re not meant to be scientifically accurate (which sort of defeats the purpose, right?). But now, yet another newcomer onto the wearables scene thinks it may have found a solution — it’s not a wrist wearable, but rather a compression sleeve that promises a “complete picture of the heart’s electrical activity and muscular health.” Meet Komodo’s new AIO Smart Sleeve.

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Unlike wrist wearables, which take up less real estate and touch a smaller surface area of your skin, the Komodo AIO Smart Sleeve and AIO M.D. manage to collect and report crucial health data including your heartbeat, sleep analysis, and ECG “more accurately than traditional wrist wearables” by design.

The antimicrobial sleeve features a small tracking device that sits squarely against the inside of your forearm, one of the most ideal body parts for collecting your vitals. The AIO then connects to your smartphone by way of Bluetooth Low Energy, and feeds a compatible app important information about your heart rate, your number of steps, distance traveled, and sleep quality. And with its in-app calorie counter and music-control system embedded in the wearable, Komodo believes it’s come up with a device perfect for both athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts.

“After using regular trackers in my own fitness routine, I found that the wristbands became cumbersome and uncomfortable, leading to inaccuracies in their reporting. AIO solves this problem by fusing the tracker to a consistent location on the arm for more precise data,” said Komodo founder Elvis Goren. “I also wanted the sleeve to be both visually appealing and practical so users can wear it all day — not just during a workout. Komodo is excited to introduce this superior wearable and its capabilities to the consumer market for the first time.”

Part of these capabilities include an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor, which allows the AIO M.D. sleeve to measure the heart’s electrical activity. The M.D. is the only wearable currently available with an ECG, as sensors must make contact with two points on the body in order to function. With the sleeve, however, one sensor is placed on the wrist, and the other on the inside of the bicep, which allows wearers to ascertain a more complete picture of their health.

“This product is ideal for seniors and those who make frequent trips to the doctor to monitor their hearts,” adds Goren. “AIO M.D. saves your history within the app so you can view trends over time, notifying users of heart irregularities. We’re even working on algorithms that will detect early signs of heart inflammation and coronary heart disease, as well as record users’ stress levels — a convenient and invaluable tool for those who are monitoring their blood pressure.”

If you’re looking to add to your wearable collection (or start one anew) you can currently pre-order the AIO Smart Sleeve on Kickstarter for $75, and AIO M.D. for $99. They’re expected to ship to consumers by this summer, perfect motivation for you to take advantage of that warm weather and start working out.