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Don’t lie to your dentist about flossing — just try the Max Flossolution instead

max flossolution 12781470  close up of a woman flossing his teeth with dental floss
If you’ve been lying to your dentist about flossing, it may be worth learning that everyone’s least favorite oral hygiene activity has just gotten a little easier with Max Flossolution, described as a “breakthrough, patented system designed to make both flossing and brushing easy, fast, and painless.” And now, you can get it at Best Buy stores nationwide and through

So what is this magical device?

The Max combines sonic flossing and brushing into a single product, making your daily ritual a bit more efficient. With the company’s patented Flossguard technology, a cushioning Bite Bumper, and Microfloss, this toothbrush and flossing combination goes above and beyond any electric bathroom device you’ve had before. Flossguard protects your gums from pain and trauma in two ways — first, by maintaining the floss in its recommended position, and secondly, by controlling how deep the floss travels as it goes between your teeth and toward your gums.


As for the Bite Bumper, this feature “acts as a soft pad for opposing teeth allowing for gentle biting pressure to be applied during flossing,” Flossolution explains. And when the Flossguard and Bite Bumper are coupled with the company’s Microfloss, heralded as “the thinnest floss on the market that glides between teeth easily with little resistance,” you’ve a winning combination.

The Max features two interchangeable “arms” — the Flossarm and Brusharm, which together permit you to switch between flossing and brushing in just seconds. And because the brush’s rechargeable battery lasts more than four weeks and has five different sonic power modes, you may just get a rave review from your dentist during your next visit.

“Our products are designed to move beyond the limits of brushing by cleaning 100 percent of tooth surfaces in a way that is quick, easy and painless,” said Dr. Tim Pruett, CEO of Flossolution. “I look forward to Best Buy customers appreciating the improvement in their oral health.”

You can pick up a Max by Flossolution at Best Buy for $100, and Flossarm replacement packs for $15.

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