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Show off your best photos with new smart frame from Aura

Your smartphone already serves as your camera and your photo album, but unfortunately, you can’t very well hang it up on your wall and call it a picture frame, too. Luckily, you don’t have to — that is, as long as you have an Aura frame.

The smart frame promises to automatically display the very best photos you have to offer from your phone, creating photo collections of the people you’re most often photographing. So whether that’s your child, your pet, or your best friend (and perhaps those are all the same people), Aura can curate what you display on your walls for all to see.

The elegant frames from Aura can either be hung on your walls or placed on a mantle, but regardless of where you put the product, you’ll never have to think about what you put in it. Thanks to Aura’s Smart Selection feature, your frame will be updated with new photos as you take them. That means you won’t have to remember to check the companion Aura app to select new photos to display — rather, your best pictures will just self-populate.

What constitutes best? For starters, Aura will never display a photo that is low contrast, blurry, low resolution, or contains nudity (unless, of course, you explicitly ask it to). It’s also capable of scrolling through photos and ensuring it doesn’t exhibit duplicate pictures, so your content is always fresh.

The high-resolution, LCD screen of the frame will ensure that your photos look as good as they possibly can, and thanks to Aura’s sensor technology, the smart frame will actually detect and adjust its lighting based on its environment. And if the room is completely dark, the device will turn itself off, saving energy and your electric bill.

The Aura comes in three color options — Ivory/Rose Gold, Charcoal/Black, and Crystal Blue/Silver, and start at $399.

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