August Smart Locks now work alongside Apple HomePod for easier door locking

Your smart lock now works with your smart speaker — your Apple smart speaker, that is. August announced that its third-generation August Smart Lock Pro and second-generation August Smart Lock are now compatible with the Apple HomePod, which means that your extremely expensive audio device is now also something of a smart home controller. Upon its launch, HomePod users were quick to laud the sound quality of the speaker itself, but just as quick to lament the lack of real functionality beyond playing music. August’s new integration may begin to change that.

“HomePod offers another great way to control your lock with your voice,” August noted in a release. Of course, the connected lock company has long offered compatibility with other smart home hubs on the market — you’ve been able to control August locks via Alexa since 2016, and earlier in March, August unveiled deeper integrations with Google Assistant as well.

That said, thanks to HomePod’s advanced six-microphone array and advanced echo cancellation system, Siri may be better equipped to hear your commands than Alexa or Assistant, which makes controlling your door from afar that much easier.

Using this new integration seems to be quite straightforward. August lock owners can use Siri on their iPhone or Apple Watch to tell the HomePod, “Siri, lock my front door.” Alternatively, folks can include the Smart Lock as part of a good night scene, which means that with a single command, they will be able to prepare their homes for the evening. We should point out that while the HomePod can now lock your door and provide you with the lock’s status (who hasn’t forgotten whether or not they actually secured their entryway?), you can’t ask Siri on the HomePod to actually unlock your Smart Lock Pro or Smart Lock. Sure, that is likely much less important, but it’s still a functionality that we will need to look out for in the months to come.

Previously, controlling your devices from afar meant you had to have either an Apple TV or an iPad. But now, the HomePod serves as a ready conduit between your HomeKit-compatible devices and your iPhone or Apple Watch.