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Chill your beer in two minutes instead of two hours with this blast chiller

life w30 blast chiller coldline hero
If you’re as religious a Chopped viewer as I am, the concept of a blast chiller is nothing foreign. After all, with only 30 minutes to prepare a dessert course with ice cream, you need to get things cold fast. But if high-adrenaline culinary television isn’t a regular part of your Friday night plans, then perhaps the notion of getting things to freezing temperatures in a jiffy is a bit unfamiliar. A company called ColdLine wants to change that.

Meet the Life W30 countertop blast chiller — which may work in a Michelin-starred restaurant, but fits right in your home kitchen too. Approximately the same size as a microwave oven, it takes just two hours for the Life W30 to take a food item from room temperature to -22F.

What’s the point, you ask? Sure, you may not be racing against the clock every time you host a dinner party, but as Reviewed points out, “Freezing food quickly and holding it at an extremely low temperature means there’s less of a risk of freezer burn, so you can store it for up to six months without any issues.” Indeed, blast chillers are how restaurants manage to freeze the contents of their pantries for extended periods of time, all without sacrificing taste or texture.

But even if you’re not looking to store that cut of steak for six months, a blast chiller can come in handy in a number of other ways. Have a beer that you want chilled in two minutes instead of two hours? Put it in the blast chiller. Need that pie dough to get cold before throwing it in the oven? Throw it in the Life W30 first.

The user-friendly device comes with a touchscreen that walks you through the blast-chilling process step by step. So go ahead, friends. If you’re looking for a chilling experience, this just may the way to do it.

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