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The BrewCube aims to make cold brewing at home easier than ever

The challenge of brewing great coffee at home has long been conquered, with the veritable plethora of smart coffee makers and espresso machines on the market. But when it comes to its cold counterpart, we’re still mostly relying on our local coffeeshops or premixed bottles in order to get our icy kicks for the summer. But no longer. The future of at-home cold brewing has arrived — or at least, that is what the makers behind the BrewCube would have us believe. Meet the Cold Brew Automation Company, a startup looking to perfect at-home cold brew coffee technology, and the folks behind the BrewCube.

Promising to bring ease and precision to any cold brew coffee fanatic, the BrewCube was initially debuted at the New York Coffee Festival and apparently generated enough non-caffeine induced buzz that the company has taken to Kickstarter to brings its device to market.

The BrewCube boasts a built-in timer and automatic filter to brew your coffee for the correct amount of time, and subsequently strain the beverage so that you’re required to do as little coffee-related work as possible. As Cold Brew founder Alex Sussman explained, “The BrewCube allows any potential brewer to add grounds, water, maybe even some additional spice, press go and walk away. The home user can return at their leisure any time after their desired brewing time has elapsed to find their cold brew coffee brewed, filtered, and ready to drink.”

Rather than requiring coffee drinkers to stress over the correct ratio of coarsely ground coffee to room temperature water, the BrewCube does all of the calculations on your behalf. It brews without heat, helping to extract maximum flavor from the coffee, and keeping the resulting beverage fresh for over two weeks. In total, cold brew takes between 12 to 30 hours to make, which makes it a bit tedious to look after. But with the BrewCube’s automated processes, you can literally set it and forget it.

“We were absolutely overwhelmed with the interest in the BrewCube,” Sussman noted. “The response was unanimous from industry big shots, coffee roasters, and coffee connoisseurs that the BrewCube brought the café experience and flavor straight into your kitchen without all the hassle.”

The BrewCube is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, where it has just over two weeks left in its campaign. Of course, you should always exercise caution when backing a crowdfunding project, but if the promise of easy cold brew at home has piqued your interest, a pledge of $69 should get you your BrewCube by December.

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