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YaDoggie Fresh is human-grade dog food you cook in your Instant Pot

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You’ve always known that your four-legged fur monster was more than just a pet, and now, you can prove it. After all, what says love quite like making your dog its food in the same appliance that you use to feed the rest of your family? Here to put a whole new spin on the concept of your pet being a family member is YaDoggie, a subscription dog food service that has debuted YaDoggie Fresh. It’s human-grade fresh dog food that can be sent straight to your door, and ready to cook in your Instant Pot.

Rather than buying your dog, you know, dog food from the pet store, YaDoggie wants you to feed your pooch what you might feed yourself, down to the cooking method. In fact, YaDoggie has become Instant Pot’s first and only pet food provider (probably because no other company has thought to send you dog food that you cook in a pressure cooker), and as it turns out, it’s recommended that you prepare YaDoggie Fresh in an Instant Pot. So if you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy one of these kitchen appliances, perhaps the idea of helping your dog live his or her best life will be the push you needed. That said, you can also make the human-grade dog food in any standard pressure cooker or on the stovetop.

Making YaDoggie Fresh should be relatively straightforward. Just open the pre-portioned package, pour its contents into an Instant Pot, and in 20 minutes, you will have what the company calls an “ample supply” of homemade dog grub. Fresh is available in both turkey and salmon formulas, and both offerings were designed by a licensed veterinary nutritionist.

“We know lots of our customers would love to make their own healthy food for their dogs but they just don’t have the time to find a recipe and buy and prep ingredients – Fresh does that for them,” Sol Lipman, founder and CEO of YaDoggie, said in a statement. “Fresh aligns with our goal of making it easy for Pet Parents to give their dogs the best food possible, and it’s a great complement to our kibble.”

YaDoggie also seeks to create a tailored experience for all subscribers and their dogs. All customers will receive a custom feeding plan designed specifically for their dog’s size, age, breed, and activity level. If you subscribe to the service, YaDoggie offers “Predictive Delivery,” tracking feeding times and food amounts in order to predict when you may need another shipment.

YaDoggie Fresh is now available for pre-order on the company website at what the team calls a “significant discount off the retail price.”

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