Lulu Chang

Lulu Chang

Fascinated by the effects of technology on human interaction, Lulu believes that if her parents can use your new app, service, or gadget, it's worth her attention. To help bring her mother and father into the 21st century, reach out via Twitter or email with your best products and services.
Smart Home

Take charge of your water bill with the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio, the company behind a smart sprinkler controller that allows you to control your watering system (and, by extension, your water bill) from your smart phone, has now introduced the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller.
Smart Home

Amazon Go customers are still adjusting to the grab-and-go model

Apparently, our parents have taught us well. While Amazon's new cashless grocery store, Amazon Go, has encouraged folks to just walk out the door without paying, it would seem that folks aren't quite on board with that model yet.
Smart Home

Walmart and Handy are teaming up to make furniture assembly easier

In an effort to not be left behind in the dust, Walmart has become the newest retailer to offer in-home furniture and appliance set up for its customers. The news comes just days after Ikea announced a similar deal with TaskRabbit.
Smart Home

Google ups the ante on its war against Amazon with Shopping Actions

Google is now teaming up with brick-and-mortar retailers including Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Costco, and Ulta Beauty to make it easier than ever for you to find where you can purchase some of your favorite items with Shopping Actions.
Smart Home

GrubHub and Yelp team up to offer delivery from more than 80,000 restaurants

Per a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Grubhub and Yelp have expanded their partnership, which will result in twice as many restaurants being made available on the Yelp website that offer delivery from Grubhub.

An office in France is testing Li-Fi technology for the first time

Philips Lighting, which you likely know best for its bulbs and other illuminating fixtures, is now moving into the internet space by offering Light Fidelity, otherwise known as Li-Fi.
Smart Home

Watch this adorable grandmother ask Alexa to scratch her back

In a video that has since gone viral (and that underscores the shortcomings of our virtual assistants), a grandmother asks Alexa, or as she calls her, "Alaska," to address an itch. Alas, Alexa was not able to comply.
Health & Fitness

ClassPass Live is offering to turn your home into a boutique fitness studio

The latest boutique fitness studio is located in none other than your living room. This week, ClassPass has officially launched ClassPass Live, a new at-home workout service that lets you connect with fitness instructors.

Emglare says its smart shirts can monitor your heart rate

Emglare has introduced a new line of smart clothing that the company claims is capable of monitoring your ECG and heartbeat. These smart clothes purport to "directly communicate" with a companion mobile app.
Smart Home

Trulia’s ‘What Locals Say’ feature gives homebuyers neighborhood insights

Trulia is launching a new product feature called What Locals Say in hopes of helping buyers and renters alike discover a community that will make a house feel like a home. It's available both in the app and online.

Selfless move? Uber may be selling its self-driving technology to Toyota

Uber has been working on its self-driving car technology for quite some time now, but it won't just benefit itself. Uber is in the process of negotiating a deal with Toyota in order to install a self-driving system in minivans.

Google’s Android Auto update now lets you swipe to unlock your phone

Google has just added an update to Android Auto which allows users to swipe in order to unlock their smartphones while Android Auto is active. Previously, anytime your mobile device was connected to the service, your phone was a brick