Weekly rewind: Doggie dates, Harry Potter 8, and the cheapest Tesla yet

Weekly Rewind
In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from the second week of January. Everything from Valentine’s Day tech to tax return apps — it’s all here.

Your Valentine’s Day date could be a dog. Literally.

Weekly Rewind

Valentine’s Day is today, and you could be in for a long night if you don’t have a date already. Did you ever consider a dog as your date? I know you’re thinking that you already had too many dates with dogs, but we’re talking about an actual dog. So where do you go to meet a nice dog to spend time with? You don’t want to meet one at a bar, that never works out. Fortunately, there is now a dog dating service called Bark ‘N’ Borrow.

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Instagram addicts can finally switch between accounts with ease


It’s official — Instagram will now allow you to switch between accounts when on either Android or iOS. Social media managers, rejoice! Your day of deliverance has finally come. In a Monday blog post, Facebook-owned Instagram noted that the much-anticipated functionality would be available in version 7.15 of the app. Now, super-grammers can manage up to five accounts simultaneously.

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Phones with 7-day battery life are actually coming soon


While plenty of tech firms are trying their hardest to develop more powerful battery technology, UK-based Intelligent Energy claims it’s taken some big strides, creating a breakthrough fuel cell small enough to fit inside a smartphone yet powerful enough to keep it running for a full week. And it could be rolled out within two years.

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Get ready, Potterheads: Eighth Harry Potter book is coming July 31


No, seriously — there’s really another Harry Potter book coming out. Scholastic will publish the script book based on J.K. Rowling’s latest story about the beloved wizard, called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II. The book comes from a play Rowling worked on with Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, set to be released at 12:01 a.m. on July 31, 2016 — just in time to kick off Harry’s “birthday.”

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Twitter’s new timeline has arrived, here’s how you can activate it


Twitter’s new home timeline has been the subject of fierce discussion, both on and off the network. Now that it’s officially arrived, we can all find out what the fuss is about. Twitter announced the new feature today, just in time for its latest earnings call. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing as the platform is feeling the pressure to grow beyond its current user base, and it evidently believes that new features – such as an algorithmic timeline – will help it achieve that goal.

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This mind-reading tech helped a paralyzed violinist control a live orchestra

Back in 1988, when she was a rising star in the Welsh National Opera Orchestra, Rosemary Johnson was in a terrible car accident that left her in a coma for seven months, and a head injury caused brain damage that left her unable to speak or move. Her ability to make music was suddenly gone. After 27 years with the belief she would never be able to do so again, violinist Rosemary Johnson has made music, thanks to an incredible piece of technology called a brain computer music interface, or BCMI, developed by a team of doctors and researchers at Plymouth University in the U.K.

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Thanks to Fitbit and Reddit, a husband found out his wife is pregnant


Ladies and gentlemen, we may have found the pregnancy test of the 21st century. Or at least it looks like Reddit user YoungPTone did, as he discovered his wife was pregnant through very unconventional means, reports BBC.  YoungPTone, known in real life as David Trinidad, wanted a more active lifestyle, and got himself, and eventually his wife Ivonne, Fitbits. Ivonne was perplexed about what was happening to her Fitbit, and told David that it might be defective, since it consistently showed an elevated heart rate of 110 beats per minute.

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Gwen Stefani has first new album in 10 years and a live music video coming soon


Gwen Stefani fans must be going bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S), because the singer is getting ready to drop her first solo album in 10 years. Stefani recently revealed that her new album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, is due out on March 18. To top it off, she’ll film a live music video during a Grammys commercial break for one of the tracks, Make Me Like You.

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Amazon gets in on gaming with Lumberyard, a free engine to rival Unreal and Unity

Over the past few years, Amazon has been acquiring a number of companies and technologies relating to video games. In 2014 the company acquired both Killer Instinct developer Helix Games and game live-streaming service Twitch. Now the reasoning behind that seems to make much more sense, as the company has revealed its own game engine designed to compete with Unreal Engine and Unity.

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Tesla confirms (again) that the Model 3 will cost $35K before incentives


There are many reasons to buy a Tesla: classy styling, “Ludicrous” performance, and emissions-free commuting. However, one of the most notable cherries on top comes in the form of a $7,500 federal tax credit, which is awarded to all electric vehicle owners with batteries over a certain capacity. Tesla will begin taking preorders for the upcoming Model 3 next month, and with its base price of $35,000 coming before incentives are factored in, the hit to your wallet could be far, far less.

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