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Take a long soak without feeling guilty with the water-saving Rua showerhead

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We get it. After a long day, you sometimes just want to luxuriate in the shower. After all, what better way to do away with the worries of the day than with some water therapy? But great as this may be for you, it’s not so great for the planet. With water shortages plaguing every continent on Earth, we’ve often been asked to sacrifice our spa experiences for the greater good — but no longer. Meet the Rua, a water-saving showerhead that promises to help you save water without compromising on your shower experience or design.

It’s the latest design to come out of New Zealand company Methven, which is known for its various

shower accessories and innovations

. The company has previously debuted showerheads like the Aurajet and the Satinjet, but the Rua promises to be the most environmentally conscious of the bunch.

Rua uses less than 1.8 gallons of water per minute, which is about 0.7 gallons less than the standard showerhead found in most American homes. But despite this difference, the maker of Rua promises that you won’t feel a difference. The device’s hidden nozzles generate individual jets of water that collide against angled surfaces within the showerhead, causing the water to launch out from the channel. This, in turn, creates a fan of water that actually allows for 20 percent more spray force than a conventional shower. Rua is also claimed to provide twice the skin coverage, allowing for a full body experience, all while being kinder to the environment.

It’s similar to the Nebia, an easy-to-install shower head that atomizes water into a mist instead of the streams you’re probably used to. It drew support from none other than Tim Cook — and we liked it so much, we picked it for our annual Home Awards, which celebrate the best smarthome technology.

Unlike most water-saving showerheads, which distribute uneven droplets of water and mist, Rua brings an invigorating experience to your bathroom.

The chrome surround and continuous slot design conceals the showerhead’s engine, and makes for a rather distinctive design. Engineered to last for years, the Rua promises to neither become discolored or degrade over time. With its Kickstarter debut, the Rua is being made available for pre-order for the price of $169 ($90 less than its retail price), with products estimated to begin shipping in December 2017.

Let’s be clear: This isn’t part of the smarthome — unlike smart mirrors or smart toilets — but saving water? That’s smart nonetheless.

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