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Hillary Clinton loves Snapchat and hates autocorrect

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Hillary Clinton/Facebook
You’re not the only one who thinks that iPhone autocorrect is so annoying — Hillary Clinton is on your side, too. On Thursday night, the presidential hopeful made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and proved that when it comes to technology, Clinton is much more than a Blackberry meme — she’s really one with the times. And not only is she totally over your phone thinking it’s smarter than you are, she’s also really into Snapchat, which is great considering the White House just got its own account. Coincidence? I think not.

The Democratic front-runner has seen her lead slip a bit in recent weeks, but that certainly didn’t stop her from Snapchatting up a storm alongside the late night talk show host. Fallon even gave the former senator some pointers, much to her delight.

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The importance of a robust social media presence hasn’t been lost on candidates on either side of the aisle, with Republicans and Democrats alike catering towards younger demographics by establishing a presence on their most popular platforms. Donald Trump has something of a chokehold on Twitter, but maybe Clinton will be the queen of Snapchat.

The intersection between Silicon Valley and politics continues to deepen — in addition to the polling power of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the like, the current administration has recognized the importance of working alongside executives in Silicon Valley in addressing issues of national security. A cohort of top security officials recently met with some of the tech leaders in California, and Hillary Clinton herself noted that, “We need to challenge our best minds in the private sector and work with our best minds in the public sector to develop solutions that would both keep us safe and protect our privacy.”

So what better way to start building that relationship than by snapping away? 

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