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Eyecatcher, the e-ink wearable, really is pretty eye-catching

Need a wearable that’s as fashionable as it is functional? Then look no further than Kickstarter, where you can find the “smart, large-display, super-charged wearable,” otherwise known as Eyecatcher. Much more than just a timepiece, a fitness tracker, or a piece of dynamic jewelry, the Eyecatcher attempts to combine many accessories into one, all by way of a power efficient flexible electrophoretic display, more colloquially known as e-ink. So now, your Kindle can live on your wrist, but in a much more avant-garde fashion.

Unlike other wearables, which have privileged function over form, it is clear that Eyecatcher made aesthetics its No. 1 priority. The almost bangle-like design of the smart bracelet comes in different sizes and materials for both men and women, including stainless steel, white bronze, and sterling silver, and its always-on display is splashed across a bold 5-inch screen that wraps around your wrist.

A connected smartphone app allows you to choose what design to display, and also gives the wearer full autonomy over information like activity tracking, calendar events, maps, text messages, breaking news, and stock notifications. And better yet, the Eyecatcher promises that a whole year’s worth of fashion and fun can be provided by just a single charge.

With 43 days left to go in its crowdfunding campaign, the Eyecatcher has already raised over $50,000 of its $75,000 goal, and already, the introductory level price of $214 has nearly expired thanks to a number of eager backers. Makers of Eyecatcher promise that “prices will go up,” so if you’re interested in snagging one of these unique wearables at a relatively low price, now may be your best chance to do so.

While the wearable market has historically been geared more toward gadget-loving men, the Eyecatcher was designed specifically with women in mind. “We realized they were not interested in information. Women wanted pictures, patterns — an emotional connection,” Per Ljung of Looksee Lab, the company behind the wearable told The Next Web. “So we made a jewelry piece and showed it, and women pulled out their credit card to order it.” And because the Eyecatcher is more customizable than other devices on the market (and certainly more fashion forward, what with its intrinsic connection to art and design), Ljung has high hopes for his latest product’s future.

So if you’re looking to get in on the action early, head over to Kickstarter now and order your own Eyecatcher. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until February of next year, when Looksee Labs plans to begin its online sales.

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