Weekly Rewind: SpaceX succeeds, Beatles finally stream, X-ray vision arrives

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In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories you may have missed. Everything from SpaceX’s historic landing, to Kim Kardashian’s butt emoji — it’s all here.

SpaceX soars into the history books with a flawless rocket launch and landing

The Falcon 9 rocket on Monday night made a perfect touchdown – upright and on hard ground – at Cape Canaveral, Florida, marking the first time for Elon Musk and his team to achieve the incredibly complicated maneuver. The triumph is a major step forward for SpaceX’s ambition to develop reusable and reliable rocket technology aimed at drastically reducing the cost of space missions, and marks a truly landmark moment for space travel.

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‘Remember that one?!’ Stroll through gadget history in Prague’s Apple museum


You know your company has been around a long time and that you’ve released a lot of products when a museum exhibit pops up, purely to showcase your impact on the world. That’s exactly what Apple now has in Prague, where a museum offers what it boasts is the largest private collection of historic Apple hardware in the world.

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To make the NX crossover cooler, Lexus gave it wheels made completely out of ice

As part of its “Creating Amazing” design campaign, Lexus commissioned a team of specialists to make wheels completely out of ice for its NX crossover. Artisans from Hamilton Ice Sculptors took three months to create frozen copies of the vehicle’s five-spoke alloys and Yokohama tires, and when they were done, they actually drove the thing down a London street.

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These clothes cool your body to trick you into burning fat — or at least they’re supposed to

The Thin Ice Weight Loss Clothing Line, recently backed on Indiegogo by more than half a million dollars, is designed to trick your body into thinking you’re cold and burning fat to keep you warm. The team behind Thin Ice is kicking off the line with two items to target areas of your body with a lot of thermoreceptors (nerves that detect temperature changes).

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Box office hits and misses: Star Wars shatters US and global box-office records


Final reports on both domestic and worldwide ticket sales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens now indicate that the film has indeed broken the global opening-weekend record with $529 million worldwide, surpassing the previous record of $525 million set by Jurassic World. The Force Awakens also earned slightly more in U.S. theaters than early reports suggested, with the final tally for the film confirmed to be $248 million domestically — the new all-time record for opening weekends in U.S. theaters.

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World’s most expensive house hides its tech behind frescoes


The world’s most expensive home, Château Louis XIV, which just sold for $301 million to a private buyer, was built to resemble 17th-century palace Versailles, but has more amenities than your average modern-day home. Sitting in a 56-acre park, the 20-bedroom home has a long list of ridiculous features. It took 200 people three years to build the home for developer Emad Khashoggi and his company Cogemad

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Fab Four Christmas: The Beatles catalog lands on streaming services Christmas Eve


After years of holding out, the Beatles are finally going to start streaming your way. Given the history of exclusivity of the band’s music in digital form, it’s surprising just how many services the Beatles catalog is coming to. Spotify and Apple Music are getting the catalog just as you’d expect, but so are Google Play, Tidal, and even Amazon Prime Music.

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Ouch: Forbes names Johnny Depp Hollywood’s most overpaid actor of 2015


Film awards season is upon us, but this year, Johnny Depp has received a less-than-thrilling distinction. The actor has earned the top spot on Forbes magazine’s list of Hollywood’s most overpaid actors of 2015. To rank the actors, the difference between their films’ global box offices and estimated production costs are compared to their compensation for the projects. Forbes found that Depp returned just $1.20 for ever $1 that he is paid.

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Want to see through walls? Now you can with MIT’s X-ray vision technology


Marvel’s universe may have once been confined to its comic books, but thanks to some pretty crazy innovations, we just might be closer to bringing superheroes, or at least their powers, into real life. Thanks to scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we now have software that effectively gives us X-ray vision.

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Kim Kardashian’s butt emoji crashed the App Store


If you’re a Kimye fan obsessed with instant messaging, then Kim Kardashian West just released the app for you. Kimoji follows on the high stiletto heels of the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game, this time offering users the chance to share Kim-centric emojis with friends.

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