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‘Remember that one?!’ Stroll through gadget history in Prague’s Apple museum

You know your company has been around a long time and that you’ve released a lot of products when a museum exhibit pops up, purely to showcase your impact on the world. That’s exactly what Apple now has in Prague, where a museum offers what it boasts is the largest private collection of historic Apple hardware in the world.

Some of the items might surprise you, as they go back much farther than a lot of us can remember. The exhibit purportedly goes all the way back to 1976, involving Steve Jobs and Apple memorabilia that would draw nods of appreciation from even the most savvy fan of the fruity firm.

Fortunately, Reddit user Eirunning85 was kind enough to post some pictures from his visit, and they demonstrate that it really is quite a comprehensive collection. There’s hardware from the very earliest days of the business, including early Macintoshes, the progression of the MacBook and Mac, the very first iPod and its various iterations, and so much more.

But of course Apple has always been as much about its image as its functionality, so a lot of the museum is dedicated to that too, and to the cult of personality that built up around founder Steve Jobs. There are images of the man galore, accompanied by many of his more inspirational quotations, along with comments from other industry figureheads, and even a wall dedicated to the Times magazine covers that featured Jobs at various stages in his career.

The official website for the museum claims that this is the “first city where you can see this unique exhibition,” which suggests  perhaps that it will be shared around among museums to maximize its exposure. Currently it’s housed in a set of historic buildings on Prague’s Husova and Karlova streets, managed by the Central Bohemian Region.

There’s future plans to expand the current exhibit, including adding a vegan restaurant to the side of the museum, which would sell some of Steve Jobs’ favorite foods.

Any of you think this might be worth the trip?

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