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This high-tech cooler keeps food for over a week — and it makes margaritas, too

Infinite: World's Most Versatile, Smart Cooler

The last time an allegedly awesome cooler sought crowdfunding, the results left something to be desired. The so-called Coolest Cooler ultimately never materialized for many backers, despite shattering Kickstarter records and becoming one of the most-backed items in the platform’s history. But here to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself is a new cooler with a similar promise, but a different goal – that is to say, actually delivering product to customers. Meet the Infinite Cooler, a new portable refrigeration solution that comes complete with Bluetooth speakers, a blender, phone charger, touch screen, LED lighting, and more.

Now available on Indiegogo (where it raised more than $60,000 within a few hours), the Infinite Cooler hopes to be your next party’s one-stop shop for a good time. First and foremost, it offers some serious refrigeration capacity, with a 61-quart volume and the ability to cool stored items for up to 17 days (allegedly) thanks to its nano-powder insulation.

Aside from actual cooling capabilities, the Infinite Cooler boasts a literal blender attachment. Sure, it looks a little odd (it literally sits on top of the lid, but seeing as it works as both a blender and a coffee grinder, we’re not ones to pass judgment purely based on aesthetics. Once the blender is fully charged (it’ll take about two hours), you should have the horsepower to make 100 drinks. Moreover, the cooler boasts a built-in Bluetooth speaker, as well as a USB device charger so you can keep other smart devices going for as long as you need.

“We wanted to bring together all the 21st century amenities we’ve come to rely on day-to-day into one smart outdoors device,” said Infinite Cooler CEO Alvin Gao. “Infinite Cooler will also include some unexpected features, like a 360-degree rotatable LED lamp and an insect repellent lamp.”

The team calls the cooler the Swiss Army knife of the cooler world, and with its veritable cornucopia of purported features, it’s not hard to see why. If you’re looking to host a picnic or tailgate, the Infinite Cooler comes in handy with its six cup holder, a cutting board with utensils, and even a bottle opener and corkscrew. In short, just about everything you need (and more), in your outdoor appliance.

To keep tabs on the status of your cooler, the appliance comes with a digital screen, which shows the internal temperature of the cooler, and  also allows you to control the speakers, LED lights, and built-in camera (honestly, we’re not sure why you’d ever want a camera on your cooler, but welcome to the 21st century).

With all of the features in play, the cooler is able to last for four to five hours on a single battery charge, and requires about two hours to completely re-juice.

As it stands, the Infinite Cooler is available on Indiegogo, where the team is offering early bird pricing of $229. Of course, given the non-existent success of the most recent smart cooler offering, you’ll likely want to exercise caution before backing this project. The Infinite Cooler’s expected delivery date is slated for April 2019, so we’ll have a few months yet to determine whether or not our faith in smart coolers has been restored.

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