Worried about your Yahoo account? Here's how to change your email password

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In light of the many recent hacks and breaches that have made headlines throughout 2016, one of your New Year Resolutions may be to up your security game. We’ve told you previously how to change your Gmail password to stay ahead of all the mischief happening on the web, but it seems the more salient problem at hand is your Yahoo account. It’s a good idea to change your passwords every few months or so — it’ll keep you ahead of the curve, and your personal information at minimal risk. Read on to find out how to set a new password for your Yahoo account.

How to change your Yahoo password

Step 1. Log into your Yahoo account as you would normally, and click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. If you’re using a mobile browser, simply tap the Menu icon.

Step 2. Click Account Info, which is likely located at the bottom of your menu.

Step 3. Click Account Security, and enter your current password.

Step 4: Click Change password. Both this option and the Disable security questions option are in blue type. This is because both may have been compromised in the recently-broadcast 2013 hack that compromised the information of some 1 billion users.

Step 5: Enter your new password (twice). Be sure to use a brand-new password, too, and not one that could be easily compromised (like “password” or your birthday). Read our article on how to craft a great password if you’re unsure.

That’s it. Your password will now be reset. Make sure that you log the password in a password manager, or use whatever other method you use to remember. It can be difficult to regain access to your account if you forget the new password entirely.

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