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Cobi Bike System

Bosch acquires smart bike startup Cobi to deliver a better ebike screen

Bosch eBike Systems has acquired startup Cobi to integrate smartphones with ebikes to deliver a smarter dashboard and screen.
Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro

Suunto combines heart rate monitor and barometric sensor in latest Spartan watch

The new Suunto Spartan Sport fitness watch features a built-in heart rate monitor and barometric sensor to track workouts.
Altra Torin IQ review

Altra Torin IQ hands-on

The Altra Torin IQ smart running shoe provides real time analysis of a runner’s technique, making suggestions on how to improve their form.
Huru backpack

Huru is the water-resistant, indestructible travel pack for all your adventures

Huru is a travel backpack that was built to survive just about anything. It is water-resistant, has an expandable main compartment, and more.
Fitness AR

Fitness AR uses Strava and ARKit to share your workouts in augmented reality

Fitness AR is an augmented reality app that uses workout data collected by Strava and Apple's ARKit to display a run or ride in a new way.
686 PBR Sixer

Stay warm while keeping your beer cool with the Sixer insulated jacket

The Sixer insulated jacket from 686 will not only keep the wearer warm on the slopes, but carry up to 10 cans of beer at the same time.

Turn any bike into a fitness-tracking smart bike with the SmartHalo

SmartHalo is a device that can turn any bike into a smart bike, adding navigation, fitness tracking, lights, an alarm, and more.
Sunflare solar panels

Add solar power to your camper with this lightweight and efficient option

Sunflare solar panels are lightweight and efficient, making them a good choice for use on recreational vehicles.
Pro-X water filter

Pro-X is the first portable electric water filter for use in the outdoors

The Pro-X water filter is the first portable electric purifier designed for campers and backpackers who need clean drinking water.
tnf ventrix jacket 1

The North Face's new Ventrix jacket is built to vent heat and moisture

The North Face's innovative new Ventrix jacket vents heat when things get active and stays warm when things start to cool down.
traft tent packraft hybrid 1

Traft is a floating tent-raft combo that has to be seen to be believed

Traft is a the mash-up of both a tent and a packraft, protecting paddlers from the sun during the day and offering a place to sleep at night.
Helios solar powered lantern

This Solar-powered lantern can produce up to 700 hours of light from a single charge

Helio is a solar-powered lantern and power bank for lighting up the campsite and keeping mobile devices charged while off the grid.

Gym and Studio Sync lets Strava users upload their indoor workouts too

With Gym and Studio Sync, Strava users can now upload their workout data from indoor cycling sessions, workout classes and more.
meyerhoffer 2prt surfboard 1a

Designer Thomas Meyerhoffer’s modular surfboard may be the only one you’ll need

Designer Thomas Meyerhoffer has created a modular surfboard that can be customized for wave conditions and breaks down for easy transport.
California XXL

Volkswagen’s California XXL concept could be the ultimate camper van

Volkswagen's new California XXL camper van is a luxury experience on wheels, complete with lofted sleeping area and other amenities.

Next-generation Bosch electric drives make ebikes quieter and more efficient

The new Bosch Active Line of electric drives make ebikes quieter and more efficient, eliminating resistance to pedaling when not engaged.
BMC Speedfox AMP

BMC Speedfox AMP is a mountain ebike that doesn’t look like one

BMC's Speedfox AMP mountain ebike features a Shimano E-8000 electric drive, a carbon frame, and specially designed geometry for trail riding.
Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody

Micro Puff from Patagonia is the company's lightest, most packable jacket yet

Patagonia's new Micro Puff Hoody uses PlumaFill synthetic insulation to create the company's lightest and most-packable insulated jacket ever.
Yeti Innovation Center products

In Yeti’s innovation labs, tough outdoor gear is born (and beaten senseless)

We took a look inside Yeti's top-secret Innovation Center, where new products are tested and pushed to their absolute limits.

Go glamping in style with this amazing, collapsible, transforming trailer

The sCarabane camper's solar panels and wind generator make it the perfect choice for living off the grid.
Polar M430 fitness watch

Polar M430 fitness watch now offers 24/7 heart-rate monitoring

A new update for the Polar M430 fitness watch gives the GPS enabled device the ability to continuously track the wearer's heart rate.
Deeper Sonar

Deeper is a personal sonar system that helps you track and catch more fish

The Deeper Sonar system can look below the surface of the water to map topography, find the water temperature, and locate fish.
Jackery PowerBar

Jackery’s PowerBar is the portable charger for all of your mobile devices

Jackery's PowerBar is a portable USB battery pack that comes equipped with USB, USB 3.0, and USB-C ports, as well as a standard AC outlet.
Polar OH1 heart rate monitor

Leave the chest strap at home with Polar's OH1 heart-rate monitor

The Polar OH1 is a lightweight and compact heart rate monitor that can be worn on the upper or lower arm, rather than the chest or wrist.
Otterbox uniVerse CAD

Otterbox lets smartphone owners create their own accessories for uniVerse case

Create and 3D print your own accessories for the modular Otterbox uniVerse Case System using CAD files of the accessory mount system.
Homegrown Trailers Timberland

Homegrown Trailers’ new camper is equipped with solar panels for off-grid power

The Timberline camper from Homegrown Trailers is versatile enough to be used anywhere while offering plenty of amenities for campers.
Totality eclipse video

How a stunning photo from this week's total eclipse was captured and went viral

Totality is an amazing video that shows the meticulous planning that went into capturing one of the most iconic photos of the total eclipse.
Keen Uneekbot robot close

Watch the 'Uneekbot' shoe-making robot stitch sandals on demand

Keen Footwear brings its Uneekbot robot to Tokyo to create custom versions of its Uneek shoes in a fraction of the typical time.
Ghostek NRGcamper

The Ghostek NRGcamper may be the most high-tech backpack ever

Ghotek's NRGcamper backpack is equipped with such high tech features as a built-in solar panel at a massive USB battery pack.
Gobi Gear Free Spirit

Gobi Gear's packable backpack weighs less than a pound and fits in your carry-on

Gobi Gear's new Free Spirit is a lightweight, packable backpack that travelers and hikers can take with them anywhere.

Eddie Bauer uses Thindown insulation to redefine down jackets

Thindown is a new form of insulation that uses sheets of down to eliminate quilting in down jackets, improving cold weather performance.

STCKBLS is a modular grilling system for camping and tailgating

STCKBLS is a new modular, portable grilling system that includes a portable gas grill, grill stand, and cooler, all of which stack.
helicopter glamping

Glamping in a tricked-out helicopter is now a possibility in Scotland

Go helicopter glamping in Scotland at Mains Farm Wigwams, where a refurbished Sea King helicopter can be booked for a nights stay.
MyCharge AdventureUltra

USB battery pack has an AC outlet to charge your laptop in the great outdoors

MyCharge's AdventureUltra is a rugged USB battery pack with a built in AC port for charging laptops and small devices.