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Latest by Kraig Becker

lumo cycling jacket led frontcu 1

Lumo cycling jacket is loaded with lights to keep you more visible on evening rides

The Lumo cycling jacket is both stylish and safe. It uses embedded LED lights to make the wearer more visible out on the road.
capusla inflatable luggage imagination farm usa c4psul4 lifeproof backpack

Capsula inflatable backpacks don’t just cushion your stuff, they keep it afloat

Capsula is inflatable, waterproof luggage designed for use in extreme environments. Plus, they can float on water!
sparkr plasma lighter and mini

Carry a Tesla coil in your pocket with Sparkr, a plasma lighter and flashlight

The Sparkr and Sparkr Mini plasma lighters use electricity rather than a flame to help quickly and easily start a fire both at home or your campsite.
fanight self illuminating jacket

This self-illuminating jacket seeks to help keep you safe at night

The Fanight is a self-illuminating jacket designed to keep runners, cyclists, and other pedestrians stay safer outdoors after dark.
the legs jacket vear

Avoid rain-drenched pants during your commute to work with the Legs Jacket

The Vear Legs Jacket is like a raincoat for your legs. Easy to take on and off, it is a good solution for hikers, backpackers, and daily bike commuters.
mar community chlorine maker msr 1

This tiny device can produce clean drinking water for 200 people a day

MSR's Community Chlorine Maker is a handheld device that can create clean drinking water for up to 200 people each and every day for up to five years.
jackery power pro

Jackery's Power Pro portable generator brings plenty of juice to your campsite

The Jackery Power Pro is a portable generator capable of keeping our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets fully charged in the outdoors.
starvox walkie talkie smartwatch 2

StarVox is a sporty walkie-talkie disguised as a smartwatch

Launched on Kickstarter, the StarVox is a smartwatch that allows individuals and groups to communicate with one another walkie-talkie style.