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Lumo cycling jacket is loaded with lights to keep you more visible on evening rides

As the sun sets earlier in the day with the switch back to standard time, finding ways to stay visible while out on the road becomes a higher priority. When riding at night, most cyclists use a combination of lights on their bikes and backpacks, as well as reflective clothing designed to help them stand out in low-light conditions. But a new jacket that recently launched on Kickstarter takes a novel approach to this challenge by moving those lights off the bike and onto the garment itself.

The Lumo cycling jacket incorporates two strings of bright lights to help its wearer stay safe while out on a ride. Highly visible blue LEDs can be found along the length of the zipper on the front, while a series of red lights run along the bottom of the jacket on the back. Lumo claims that those lights are visible from up to 400 meters away, and are powered by a built-in USB battery pack that is capable of keeping them illuminated for as many as 14 hours on a single charge.

We’ve seen other workout apparel designed to help runners and cyclists stay more visible during their after-dark workouts, but what sets the Lumo apart is its keen sense of style. A lot of cycling gear has a highly technical look to it that makes it stand out for all the wrong reasons. But this jacket was modeled after the famous MA-1 flight jacket, which was made popular by American military pilots in the 1950s. That classic look was given a modern makeover, with designers adding technical fabrics that are water-, dirt-, and stain-resistant.

Other design elements that cyclists are sure to appreciate include a dropped hem and longer sleeves, both of which provide more body coverage while on the bike. On the interior of the jacket, a moisture-wicking mesh liner helps the wearer stay more comfortable while in the saddle by helping perspiration evaporate quickly. Additionally, the jacket has zipped pockets in both the waist and chest that provide ample storage for carrying small items, such as a cell phone or wallet.

The Lumo has already wrapped up a successful round of crowdfunding, handily surpassing its intended goal. It is now expected to immediately go into production and begin shipping in February, when it will sell for $230. Considering its built-in lighting, stylish design, and other cycling-friendly features, that seems like a small price to pay for being safer on the road.

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