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Avoid rain-drenched pants during your commute to work with the Legs Jacket

One of the most useful pieces of gear that any hiker, backpacker, or daily bike commuter can own is a good rain jacket. Designed to keep us warm and dry in the worst of weather conditions, these jackets are a must-have for anyone who spends any amount of time outdoors.

But what about keeping your legs dry too? After all, the rain doesn’t just fall on the top half of your body. Enter the Vear Legs Jacket, a new piece of outdoor apparel that recently launched on Kickstarter. These rain pants promise to repel moisture just like a jacket and are designed to quickly and easily zip onto your body when an unexpected rainstorm hits. This gives the Legs Jacket a level of convenience and versatility that is not typically found in other garments of this type, making them a good solution to have in your backpack at all times.

Made from waterproof and windproof fabrics, the Legs Jacket is available in two versions — one designed for everyday use in light rain showers and a more durable edition built for active pursuits in more demanding conditions. Both versions feature highly breathable fabrics that allow the wearer to stay comfortable, even in warmer temperatures. They also come equipped with waterproof pockets, adjustable waist straps, and reflective elements that make the wearer more visible in low-light conditions. As if that was not enough, the Legs Jacket was specifically designed to be highly packable too, making them just as easy to take with you on a morning commute to the office as they are on an extended backpacking trip.

According to the official Kickstarter page, it takes less than 15 seconds to pull these pants on or take them off. Better yet, you can do so without ever having to remove your shoes. That is accomplished thanks to durable YKK zippers that run the length of each leg, allowing you to essentially step right into the pants, and zip them up in a flash. When they are no longer needed, or you reach your destination, they can be removed just as easily.

The crowdfunding campaign has already exceeded its $22,000 goal, which means the Legs Jacket should go into production in December and begin shipping to backers in February. They are expected to retail for approximately $150, but early contributors can claim a pair for $99.

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