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heritage hiking boots ridgemont 1

Seamlessly transition from trail to town with these stylish hiking boots

boa running shoes 3

Boa develops a version of its innovative lacing system for runners

Boa announced a version of its popular lacing system designed specifically with runners in mind. Shoe companies are already lacing them up.
scorkl kickstarer 2

Scorkl takes the best elements of both scuba diving and snorkeling

solo stove bonfire 1

This fire pit removes the most annoying thing about a bonfire — the smoke

Solo Stove has created a new backyard fire pit that eliminates the most annoying thing about a campfire – the smoke.
michelin bikesphere 1

Smart bike lighting system uses lasers to make cyclists more visible

Michelin developed a smart lighting system for cyclists using proximity sensors and light sensors, making them more visible to motorists.
ahead smart bike helmet 1

Upgrade your bike helmet with this smart device

Ahead is a device that connects to any bike helmet, turning it into a smart helmet with the ability to make phone calls and more.
tnf homestead collection 2

North Face Homestead Collection offers camping gear for millennials

The North Face introduced a line of camping gear called the Homestead Collection that sports colorful fabrics and unique designs.
earbud satisfaction survey earshot 1

Survey shows outdoor athletes love listening to music but hate their earbuds

A survey indicates that most action sports athletes feel that the earphones they use while participating in activities are average at best.
ryobi cooling cooler 1

Ryobi’s new cooler can keep you and your drinks chilled on hot summer days

high beam shoes new boot

Boots with integrated lighting will help hunters see better in the dark

High Beam Shoes is working on a pair of hunting boots that feature UV red and green lightings to help hunters see in the dark.
boa lacing modern shoelace system 6

Inside the lab where one company is reinventing the shoelace

For centuries, shoelaces lacked innovation until Boa decided to bring them into the 21st century. We toured its headquarters to find out how.
glovax adventure gloves 2

Keep your hands safe in the outdoors with these adventure gloves

Glovax is hoping to create a lightweight, durable glove that can be used in a wide variety of outdoor activities.
under armour newell ridge ua 3

Under Armour’s new hiking boots have the soul of a basketball shoe

Under Armour's Newell Ridge hiking boot is designed to be lightweight without compromising support, stability, or comfort.
kelly sltater 360 video slater vr

Catch a virtual wave with pro surfer Kelly Slater in a 360-degree video

Teton Gravity Research has released another 360-degree video from its surf film Proximity, this time allowing viewers to watch Kelly Slater.
aleksander doba atlantic kayak 1

Meet the 70-year-old man who is crossing the Atlantic in a kayak

kilian jornet everest speed record 2

Why climb Mount Everest when you can run it? Spanish mountaineer sets record

A Spanish endurance athlete has set a new speed record on Mount Everest by going from Base Camp to the summit in just 26 hours.
specialized vado turbo 5 3

Specalized's new ebike is designed to hide the motor and battery inside of it

Specialized's Vado Turbo 5.0 ebike stealthily hides its battery and motor inside its frame, giving it a look that resembles a standard bike.
american flag football league tech 1

Innovative technology could help American Flag Football League soar

The American Flag Football League will use a host of innovative technologies to speed up the game, make it easier to follow, and enhance pla.
burly minnow bike trailer 1

This bike trailer folds flat so you can store it almost anywhere

the new Burly Minnow incorporates a fold-flat design that promises to make it a breeze to stash just about anywhere.
adidas backland dirt goggles 1

Mountain bikers can hit the trail with the latest goggles from Adidas

Adidas' Backland Dirt goggles are designed with mountain bikers in mind, offering integrating temperature regulation and sweat control.
lhakpa sherpa everest summits mount

Meet Lhakpa Sherpa, the woman who has climbed Everest eight times

A 44-year old Nepali woman by the name of Lhakpa Sherpa has broken her own record for the most summits of Mt. Everest by a female climber.
bosch emtb mode ebike

Bosch’s ebike motors can now provide graded pedal assistance to riders

Bosch's new software promises to improve how a bike equipped with the proper motor handles pedal assist during off-road riding.
biolite nanogrid expands 1

Biolite brings its customizable Nanogrid lighting system to the campsite

Biolite expanded its Nanogrid modular camp lighting system to include the new Baselantern, Baselantern XL, Sitelight Mini, and Sitelight XL.
downtick zeropfc 2

The down in your jacket, sleeping bag just got more environmentally friendly

worlds largest climbing gym earthtreks 2

Englewood, Colorado will soon be home to the largest climbing gym in the world

Earth Treks has announced plans to refurbish an abandoned Sports Authority store located in Englewood, Colorado.
tgr proximity vr surf film

A new surf film uses 360-degree video to take us along for the ride

a groundbreaking new VR film called Proximity sends professional surfers off to remote destinations to surf together.
otterbox venture coolers 1

The new Venture coolers from Otterbox will keep ice frozen for up to two weeks

Otterbox enters the premium cooler market with the introduction of the Venture 25, 45, and 65 coolers.
cotopaxi allpa travel backpack 1

Is the Allpa the ultimate backpack for adventuring travelers?

The new Allpa travel backpack from Cotopaxi brings a sleek, minimalist design, along with ample storage and organizational options.
nike breaking2 marathon record 1

These are the elite runners who will challenge the two-hour marathon mark this weekend

With its Breaking2 project, Nike hopes to break one of the most formidable records in all of running -- the two-hour marathon.
mc hammie camping hammock 1

The ‘M.C. Hammie’ is a hammock, tent, and blanket all in one

A company called Wildish has designed a versatile hammock. It not only serves as a hammock but can also transform into a shelter.
omni wearables faceshot sunglasses omniwearables 1

Omni-Wearables’ FaceShot sunglasses feature a built-in video camera

A company called Omni-Wearables has integrated a docking video camera into its new FaceShot active sunglasses.
hi power cycles revolution m hpc

Hi-Power Cycles gives the Revolution M ebike a substantial revamp

Hi-Power Cycles unveiled an upgraded version of its Revolution M flagship ebike, increasing its range substantially.
airbuddy dive system 2

Bridge the gap between snorkeling and diving with the AirBuddy

Launching via Kickstarter, the AirBuddy system promises to be the smallest and lightest diving gear ever created.
night runner pro shoes 2

This handy gadget will help runners see where they're going in the dark

The Night Runner Pro is a set of bright lights that attach to a pair of running shoes, allowing runners to stay more visible.