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Omni-Wearables’ FaceShot sunglasses feature a built-in video camera

Outdoor enthusiasts with a penchant for capturing video footage during their adventures just got a new tool to help them in those efforts. A company called Omni-Wearables has integrated a docking video camera into its new FaceShot active sunglasses, giving would-be filmmakers the ability to quickly and easily record clips of their exploits while cycling, hiking, running, or engaging in just about any other activity.

Available in both black and white frames, the FaceShot appears to be little more than a standard pair of sunglasses at first glance. The eyewear features a sporty look that resembles typical cycling or running sunglasses, albeit with overly thick arms running along either side. One of those arms includes a built-in video camera that can be activated simply by flipping it out of its dock and setting it in a forward-facing position.

Doing so automatically turns the camera on and tells it to begin recording. Snapping it back into place ends recording and turns the device completely off.

When flipped outward, the camera sits at a 90-degree angle and records video with a 120-degree horizontal field of view. The lens itself can be adjusted 15 degrees up or down to get the perfect recording angle, while a built-in microphone handles audio recording duties. When activated, a red indicator light serves as a visual cue that the camera is recording as well, making it clear to others that the FaceShot is working.

Omni-Wearables says that the camera is capable of capturing full 1080p video at 30 fps, or 720p footage at 60 fps. Clips are recorded onto MicroSD cards, with sizes up to 32 gigabytes supported. The device features a battery life of about 1.5 hours between charges, and has been built to be water resistant for use in the rain, too.

The FaceShot launched on Kickstarter a few days back, and is currently a little more than halfway to its $50,000 goal. If successful, the sunglasses/action cam combo is expected to begin shipping in December of this year with a price tag of $299. Early bird adopters can pre-order the device now at a $100 discount.

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