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This handy gadget will help runners see where they're going in the dark

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When runners set out for an evening run they generally face two challenges: Remaining visible to traffic and being able to see the trail in front of them. Wearing a headlamp or carrying a flashlight can go a long way to alleviating those problems, but both can be bulky and awkward at times. Now, a new product called the Night Runner Pro looks to overcome all of these issues by adding a bright pair of headlights to our shoes instead, making it much easier to not only see where we’re going but be seen by others too.

The Night Runner Pro is built to be lightweight, durable, and very bright. Designed to attach to nearly any style of running shoe, and capable of producing as much as 300 lumens of light, the device is powered by a rechargeable — and swappable — lithium-ion battery pack with 10-hour lifespan. When switched on, the Night Runner’s five LEDs offer runners a 270-degree view of the trail round them, illuminating all obstacles and hazards that might be in way. Red lights integrated into the sides of the headlights alert traffic approaching from other directions as well.

The Night Runner Pro is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that allows the user to interact with the light using an as-yet unreleased app for iPhone or Android devices. That app will reportedly provide the ability to turn the LEDs on and off remotely, adjust their level of brightness, and check battery life too. Runners can even program the light to provide visual feedback of their performance during a workout, alerting them through a series of flashes when they fall behind their pace or are performing better thane expected.

The Night Runner Pro has just wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign, and is expected to go into production later in 2017 with delivery currently scheduled for December. It is expected to retail for $90 when released, which puts it on par with a high-end headlamp, although with some enticing extra functionality.

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