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Bosch’s ebike motors can now provide graded pedal assistance to riders

New eMTB mode for Bosch Performance Line CX
Bosch, a company that makes electric motors for use in ebikes, has announced that it is rolling out a new software update that will provide a significant new performance feature for riders. The software adds a new trail-riding mode to the company’s Performance Line CX drive system called “eMTB,” which promises to bring a significant improvement to how a bike equipped with the proper motor handles pedal assist during off-road riding.

According to Bosch, when a bike is put into eMTB mode, the drive system can automatically detect the amount of pressure that is being put on the pedals, and apply an appropriate amount of pedal assist to help the rider overcome the challenges of the trail. If he or she is riding on a flat or downhill section where pedaling is easy, the drive will offer a minimal amount of pedal assist. But when climbing, and as pressure on the pedals begins to increase significantly, the amount of assist offered by the electric motor will go up accordingly.

Bosch says that once the new software update is installed, eMTB mode will replace the existing “Sport” mode that has been a part of the drive system for a number of years. In the past, Sport mode would provide a steady 210 percent boost in pedal power, more than doubling the rider’s output at any given time. But eMTB mode will instead provide a variable level of assist that can range from as low as 120 percent, to as much as 300 percent based solely on the amount of pressure applied to the pedals.

The benefit of this new mode is that it is designed to give riders just the right amount of power at all times, without having to shift gears during a tough climb. Bosch claims that the electric drive can sense changes and make adjustments almost instantaneously, without the rider even noticing that anything has changed. This provides a greater level of control, which is crucial when navigating highly technical trails.

The new software with eMTB mode will be available in July. Unfortunately, ebike owners won’t be able to apply the update themselves but will instead have to take their bikes to a certified Bosch retailer to receive the upgrade. The software is completely free however, and all owners of the Performance Line CX drive are eligible for the retrofit.

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