Keep your hands safe in the outdoors with these adventure gloves

A good pair of gloves are an often-overlooked piece of outdoor gear. Sure, when the temperature drops we wear them to help keep our hands warm, but at other times we often neglect to carry any kind of protection for our hands at all. A company called Glovax is hoping to change that, however, by creating a lightweight, durable glove that can be used in a wide variety of outdoor activities.

When Glovax set out to create what it calls “adventure gloves,” the goal was to make a versatile, multi-use option that can be used in a variety of settings. To that end, these gloves have a number of handy features that will make them useful not just in the outdoors but around home, too. For instance, they are puncture and tear-resistant, which makes them a good option when using a knife or multitool at the campsite. They are also water and oil-resistant, but remain highly breathable, allowing them to remain comfortable in a range of weather conditions, including when temperatures start to warm up.

glovax adventure gloves 1

In order to make the gloves as durable as possible, Glovax first had to develop a special abrasion-resistant yarn. The material is lightweight, but incredibly tough, which not only helps to protect the wearer’s hands, but ensures that the gloves will survive the rigors of the outdoors, too. Additionally, the palm and fingers feature an anti-skid micro pattern that has been specifically designed to improve grip, even in wet, slippery conditions.

Glovax recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to help get get the adventure gloves into production, and the firm quickly raised ten times its modest $3,000 goal. Now, the gloves are set for release in late summer and will come in two versions — Lite and Pro. The Glovax Lite will sacrifice water and puncture resistance, as well as the anti-skid texture, in favor of slightly less weight and a cheaper price point. They’ll tip the scales at a mere 1 ounce and will sell for $39. Meanwhile, the Glovax Pro will include all of the features listed above and will weigh in at about 1.75 ounces. They’ll retail for $49.

As usual, early-bird adopters can get them at a substantially reduced rate by ordering now. The Lite version is available for pre-order at just $15, while the Pro model can be had for $29 by pledging your support on the Indiegogo page.