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Totallee’s $39 lightweight MagSafe case keeps a tight grip on your iPhone

Case maker Totallee has introduced a MagSafe version of its super-thin iPhone case, and I’ve been giving it a try over the last few days. I recently sung the praises of Incipio’s MagSafe-equipped Grip case for the iPhone 13 Pro and wanted to see how Totallee’s case compared, especially as I’ve liked the brand’s cases in the past. But how would the thin case affect the MagSafe magnet’s grip?

The case is made from flexible TPU with a transparent rear panel matched to a black outer bumper for increased protection. It adds very little additional bulk or thickness to the iPhone and is more pocket-friendly than the Incipio Grip, but it definitely won’t provide as much protection in the event of a serious fall.

However, this does mean it’s a slimmer and lighter addition to your phone. The Totallee case is 10 grams lighter than the Incipio Grip, adding 30 grams to the weight of the iPhone 13 Pro, and barely any additional width. This makes a difference when you hold the phone, and I like the smooth yet grippy sides on the Totallee case, which has a better texture to it than the brand’s completely transparent models.

MagSafe is an essential for me and despite the thinness, it works really well on the Totallee case, which does seem to provide more grip than on other cases I’ve tried this year. It’s reassuring when the iPhone 13 Pro attaches to a dock with a satisfying thunk, which it does when fitted with the Totallee case. The button covers are acceptable, but they do extend quite far outside the edge of the case, unlike the flush buttons on the Incipio Grip.

Where to buy?

While you can buy Totallee’s Super Thin iPhone case in a variety of colors and finishes, the MagSafe version is only available with the clear back and black bumper section seen in our photos. It’s a little unfortunate there isn’t a greater choice of colors for the bumper, but at least you can see the color of iPhone you chose through the case itself. I’ll be leaving the Totallee case on my iPhone 13 Pro for now, but for those times when I want a little more protection, I’ll probably return to the tougher Incipio Grip.

Totallee makes the MagSafe Super Thin case for all iPhone 13 models, and each costs $39 through the company’s own online store.

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