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Ryobi’s new cooler can keep you and your drinks chilled on hot summer days

Power tool manufacturer Ryobi may have just come up with the best way to beat the heat this summer. The company has introduced a new cooler that will not only keep your drinks well chilled, but can also serve as a portable air conditioning unit. Dubbed the Cooling Cooler, the device promises to provide relief from the heat on the job site, at outdoor events, or even around the campsite.

With built-in wheels and a rugged handle, the Cooling Cooler allows users to easily transport food and drinks to and from just about any outdoor setting. The main compartment offers 50-quarts of storage capacity and is even deep enough for taller containers – such as 2 liter bottles of soda – to stand upright. A second compartment provides secure storage for smaller items such as cell phones, sunscreen, and keys, while the lid also comes equipped with two integrated drink holders.

Of course, there are countless other coolers on the market that can offer similar specs, but what separates the Cooling Cooler from the competition is its onboard air conditioning unit. Powered by an 18-volt battery, the device generates cold air by pulling it from the interior of the cooler where ice is being used to chill the food and beverages. That cold air is blown outward to provide a more manageable temperature in a room, tent, or even a small outdoor space.

Ryobi claims that the air condoning unit can run for up to four hours with the included battery before requiring a recharge. The cooler is part of the company’s One+ system, which means that it also works with a range of higher-capacity lithium power cells that could extend that runtime by as much as four times.

The Cooling Cooler is available now for $199. The extended life lithium battery will set you back an additional $99. Find out more at

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