Seamlessly transition from trail to town with these stylish hiking boots

A modern hiking boot with decidedly retro styling has made a lot of noise on Kickstarter, raking in nearly $200,000, and easily blasting past its goal, over the course of its crowdfunding campaign. With its nostalgic looks, the Heritage boot from Ridgemont Outfitters resembles something you would have found in an Eddie Bauer catalog circa 1960, yet it is packed full of modern materials that offer all the comfort, durability, and stability we’ve come to expect from 21st-century footwear.

Ridgemont is a relative newcomer to the outdoor industry, having just launched in 2014. The company has made it its mission to meld both fashion and technical performance into its products and the Heritage is no exception. To that end, the boot has been designed to seamlessly transition from the trail to town, looking equally at home in either environment. It has a throwback look that has never truly gone out of style, which is evidenced by its success on Kickstarter.

heritage hiking boots ridgemont 6

Despite its looks, the Heritage boot offers a high level of technical performance. For instance, it uses a waxed, full-grain leather upper paired, with a waterproof lining, to prevent moisture from reaching the interior of the shoe, keeping the foot comfortably dry as a result. A specially designed insole promotes airflow while keeping odor and sweat to a minimum. This helps to keep the foot from overheating, which often leads to discomfort. Meanwhile, a custom-built midsole offers plenty of cushioning for use on both rocky, technical hiking trails as well as the hard pavement and sidewalks of the city.

When Ridgemont launched its Kickstarter campaign the goal was to raise $30,000 to get the Heritage boot into production. With that money now secured, the company has turned its attention to actually shipping the final product in September. The new boots are expected to retail for $169 and should be available to purchase on the Ridgemont website soon.