Mountain bikers can hit the trail with the latest goggles from Adidas

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Just in time for the start of the summer mountain biking season, Adidas introduced its first bike-focused pair of goggles. Based on the company’s popular line of Backland ski and snowboarding goggles, the new Backland Dirt promises to deliver a high level of durability and performance to the enduro and downhill rider, while keeping mud and other debris out of a rider’s eyes.

The challenge that Adidas faced when creating the Backland Dirt goggles was to make them lightweight while still maintaining a high level of durability. To that end, the company used shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses and an impact-resistant frame that should allow them to stand up to all but the most serious punishment. This also makes the goggles a good choice for riders who need a high level of protection on the trail but don’t want to strap a thick, heavy set of eyewear to their face.

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When designing the Backland Dirt, the team at Adidas knew that it could borrow heavily from its winter designs but that the needs of a mountain biker are very different than those of a skier. To that end, the company replaced the standard strap with one that incorporates silicon into its fabric to help it stay in place better. As a result, Adidas says the new goggles will stay firmly attached, even when wearing a mountain bike helmet with a full facemask.

The Backland Dirt’s wraparound design is meant to keep them streamlined and looking good, while also offering a wide field of vision. The goggles are ventilated to allow cool air to pass through and the lenses are also fog-resistant to prevent them from steaming up. Inside the goggles, Adidas has created a dual-layer auto-fit foam system that helps dissipate sweat. That same liner can be quickly and easily removed when a rider gets back home, allowing them to throw it into the laundry for cleaning.

Available in a variety of colors ranging from red, blue, purple and clear, the Backland Dirt mountain biking goggles even feature a removable nose guard. The goggles are available now and are priced from $100 to $130, depending on the lens options selected.

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