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686 Toolbelt

Need a wrench around your waist? The 686 Toolbelt is a multitool you wear

The 686 Toolbelt looks like any other belt, but it also has a cache of hidden tools including a bottle opener, screwdrivers, and wrenches too.
exkite clothing brand uses recycled kites create unique outdoor apparel 2

Exkite outdoor apparel is made from recycled kites to create a unique look

Former pro kiteboarder Renzo Mancini created Exkite, which uses recycled fabrics from kiteboarding to create unique, one-of-a-kind jackets.
scope bluetooth ski pole 1

The Scope Bluetooth-enabled ski pole can help predict potential avalanches

The Scope ski poles are Bluetooth-enabled devices that double as a snow probe and use an app on your phone to analyze the snow for potential danger.
helixot submersible backpack 1

The Helixot backpack isn’t just waterproof, it’s fully submersible

The Helixot XO 6.2 backpack goes beyond just being waterproof by being fully submersible, keeping your gear and gadgets completely safe from water.
alien buffalo tents tent 7

Going to Burning Man? You'll want this tent

A start-up called Alien Buffalo has launched a new line of tents designed for use while car camping or attending festivals such as Burning Man.
ampware iphone case 1

The Ampware iPhone case charges your phone on the go using a built-in crank

The Ampware case for iPhone lets users recharge their mobile device simply by turning a crank, which is especially useful for outdoor hikers and campers.
fat bike trailer burley kit 1

Burley's fat tire conversion kit turns your bike trailer into an off-road beast

The 16+ Wheel Kit is a fat bike trailer from Burley designed to carry all of our gear when riding for extended periods off road.
haibike xdurohaibike xduro allmtn rx review 11

Haibike Xduro AllMtn RX review

kogalla solar charger 1

Keep your gadgets charged on the go with this solar panel-battery pack combo

The Kogalla Solar Storage Bank is a solar panel with a built-in battery pack for storing power, as well as a USB port for keeping mobile devices charged.
heacket heated jacket 1

Battery-operated heated jacket promises warmth in the worst weather conditions

The Heacket heated jacket is waterproof, durable, and heats up in three seconds, keeping us warm during our favorite outdoor activities in cold weather.
patagonia high alpine kit

Patagonia’s lightweight winter layering system provides warmth in extreme conditions

Patagonia's High Alpine Kit is a complete layering system built to keep you warm on all of your winter and mountaineering adventures.
moskito smartwatch bike computer 2

Cyclists will love this elegant smartwatch that doubles as a bike computer

The Moskito is a combination smartwatch bike computer that can be worn on your wrist and transferred to a bike to track distance, speed, and more.
muncher multitool fullwindsor

This multitool ensures you'll never go hungry while camping

The Muncher multitool features ten individual functions that are designed to make eating and meal preparation as easy as possible while camping.
thornwave solar charge controller inti c14 3

This tiny device helps bring power to your campsite

The Thornwave Labs Inti C14 is a compact solar charging controller that can help outdoor enthusiasts to build their own portable solar charging system.
biolite holiday faves kit

BioLite spreads holiday cheer with a limited edition camping gear kit

The BioLite Limited Edition Holiday Faves Kit features seven of the company's most popular products in a single package for $250.
mountain hardwear stretchdown jacket mh 1

Is this the warmest down jacket ever made?

The Mountain Hardwear StretchDown jacket uses an innovative new design technique, and new fabrics, to create one of the warmest down jackets ever.
haiku bike navigation 3

Haiku is a gesture controlled navigation system for your bike

Haiku is an electronic navigation system for your bike that pairs with your smartphone to provide directions and is controlled by simple gestures.
rhino rack jeep wrangler rhinorack0

Add cargo capacity to your Jeep Wrangler with this modular roof rack system

Rhino-Rack's backbone platform is an innovative way to expand the carrying capacity of a Jeep Wrangler without sacrificing off-road capabilities.
Steep and deep: The best ski resorts

Go skiing in the comfort of snowboarding boots with the Madjacks adapter

MadJacks is a specially designed adapter that allows skiers to easily wear more comfortable snowboarding boots while skiing.
crescent moon snowshoes cm 1

Colorado company debuts innovative snowshoes made from EVA foam

Crescent Moon's all-foam snow shoes are lightweight and fast while still maintaining excellent traction on snow-covered surfaces.
cotopaxi connect backpack luzon

Cotopaxi Connect lets you build your own backpack with a confection of color

Cotopaxi Connect allows outdoor enthusiasts to work directly with a pack designer to build a custom-made Luzon 18L pack in their choice of colors.
orfos flarepro flare pro

Bike, hike or run after dark with the obscenely bright Orfos FlarePro

Incredibly light and bright, the Orfos Flare Pro is a 360-degree light designed to keep runners, hikers, and cyclists safe after dark.
Uncharted Supply Co. The Seventy2

Survive 3 days of disaster with the Seventy2, a preloaded emergency backpack

The Seventy2 is a specially built survival pack filled with tools and gear designed to keep you alive for up to 72 hours in the wilderness.
casio pro trek prg600y 1

Casio’s latest Pro Trek watch is an outdoorsman’s solar-powered dream

The Casio Pro Trek PRG600Y-1 is a watch specifically designed for use in the outdoors, complete with compass, altimeter, and a barometer.
Rumpl PUFFe-

Stay warm in the wild with Rumpl's portable electric blanket

The Rumpl Puffe is a battery-powered, heated-down blanket designed for use at home or in the outdoors that can recharge your gadgets at the same time.
primus winter gas

Primus Winter Gas makes cold-weather camping a lot easier to enjoy

Thanks to a specially designed canister, Primus Winter Gas allows your camp stove to heat up faster and work more efficiently in cold conditions.
heat experience vest heatedvest1

The chill of winter is no match for this battery operated vest

The Heat Experience has designed battery operated, heated outdoor apparel to help keep us warm during the long winter months.
selfie string ski video skiing mem 2

Updated Ski Utah app tracks all the fresh snow you shred this year

The updated version of the Ski Utah app keeps track of stats like speed, vert, and number or runs, as well as the amount of fresh powder skied.
yak wool baselayers kailashzip

Peak to Plateau’s yak wool base layers keep you warm on cold weather treks

Peak to Plateau is using yak wool to create a new line of base layers that are warmer, softer, and offer higher performance than merino wool.
adidas parlay for the oceans parley ultra boost football jerseys

Adidas' new performance sportswear is made from plastic recovered from the ocean

Adidas and Parley for the Oceans have announced the first line of performance sports apparel made from plastics recovered from the ocean.
yaktrax summit 3

Yaktrax Summit is taking away your last excuse to stay inside this winter

The Yaktrax Summit slips over the soles of your boots, providing extra traction on slick surfaces during your outdoor winter adventures.
tough as nails camera bags mountainsmith tanuk

Mountainsmith creates photography bags that are tough as nails for outdoor adventurers

Outdoor gear company Mountainsmith and adventure photographer Chris Burkard have joined force to create the "Tough As Nails" line of camera bags.

Organize your next backpacking trip more quickly and easily with TripTarp

TripTarp is designed to make getting organized for a backpacking trip as easy as possible with handy packing guides and organizational tools.

The Motionize SUPerior sensor will make you a better stand-up paddler

Improve your SUP technique by placing this smart sensor on your paddle and pair it with your phone for realtime feedback and coaching.