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The Helixot backpack isn’t just waterproof, it’s fully submersible

If you’re a frequent kayaker, stand-up paddler, or even a hiker who spends a lot of time in wet environments, you’ve probably dreamed of a completely waterproof backpack. Sure, some packs offer excellent protection from the elements, but very few are completely waterproof to the point that they are fully submersible. Enter the Helixot XO 6.2 backpack, which promises to be airtight and keep your gear safe — even underwater.

Made from lightweight yet highly durable waterproof fabrics, the XO 6.2 is designed to carry a variety of small items safely on aquatic adventures. The pack offers 6.2 liters of storage capacity in its main compartment, which isn’t particularly large but is enough to haul a small camera, smartphone, car keys, a wallet, a passport, and other similarly sized items. The pack’s precious cargo is kept completely safe from water thanks to a unique design element that not only stops water from reaching the interior, but sets it apart from the competition, too.

Most backpacks that claim to be waterproof use a roll-top enclosure to keep moisture at bay. This type of design seals off access to the pack’s main compartment by carefully rolling up several layers of fabric at the top of the bag and closing it off with a locking clasp, creating a tight barrier.

The XO 6.2 uses a completely different approach: a screw cap that seals down tight when locked into place. This mechanism is so effective that Helixot claims it makes the backpack completely airtight, allowing it to remain waterproof even when completely immersed in water.

In addition to providing protection for your gear, the XO 6.2 also features a sleek, ergonomic design that allows the wearer to move freely, even while taking part in intense outdoor activities. Whether you’re out paddling a kayak, snowboarding down a mountain, or hiking a tough alpine trail, your movement shouldn’t be impeded in any way. In theory, you could even wear the pack while snorkeling or scuba diving, and trust that your items are safe the entire time.


Other nice features include a safety whistle integrated into the chest strap, padded shoulder straps and backpanel, and quick release straps on the harness. It also comes with two external mesh pockets for carrying items you may want to keep close at hand; Helixot backs the product with a full five-year warranty.

The XO 6.2 recently launched on Kickstarter and — provided it reaches its funding goals — is scheduled to go into production sometime early next year, with delivery planned for May 2017. At that time, it is expected to sell for about $150, although early bird supporters can get one now for $110. Find out more by visiting or check out the XO 6.2’s Kickstarter page to pre-order.

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