Capsula inflatable backpacks don’t just cushion your stuff, they keep it afloat

Choosing the right piece of luggage to take with you on your adventures is almost as important as what you put inside those bags. You want something that is lightweight, easy to carry, and is capable of protecting all of your important gear from the elements too. That’s exactly the idea behind a new line of travel bags designed for use in extreme environments where other bags tends to fail, sometimes ruining an otherwise great travel experience.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, the Capsula line of luggage includes four pieces – a backpack/sling case, a camera bag, and a laptop case. Each of these pieces is made from waterproof materials and include air-tight zippers that are capable of keeping the interior of the bag completely free from encroaching moisture. The bags also feature an internal valve system that can be used to inflate the inner chamber, giving the luggage the ability to float on water and serving as an anti-shock system that is capable of preventing damage to the precious cargo inside.

According to the Capsula Kickstarter page, the design behind these bags started with a new waterproof and airtight zipper. Realizing the potential for this breakthrough, the designers came up with the idea of incorporating it into a new set of luggage, but to test the level of performance of the zipper, they decided to add the air valve system too. When they inflated the interior of the bag, they found that it was completely airtight, which they soon realized was a positive feature. Very few other bags on the market are waterproof and can float, nor do they offer airbag-like impact protection.

In addition to the waterproof zippers and fabrics, the Capsula bags are all coated with tear- and abrasion-resistant materials. This provides a high level of durability that ensures this line of luggage is capable of surviving just about anything we throw at it. In other words, feel free to take these packs with you just about anywhere you want to go. Chances are, they’ll come back home looking as good as new, and ready to accompany you on future travels for years to come.

The Capsula crowdfunding campaign has already reached its $22,000 goal, and the bags are now scheduled to go into production in early 2017, with delivery to early-bird backers set for April. At that time, the backpack/sling bag will sell for $265, while the camera bag and laptop case will retail for $138 each. Each of those items can be purchased at a substantially lower price by pre-ordering now however.

Find out more about this waterproof luggage at the Capsula Kickstarter Page.