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Need a wrench around your waist? The 686 Toolbelt is a multitool you wear

686 Toolbelt
Having a multitool in your pocket can prove to be incredibly useful at some very unexpected times. After all, you never know when you will need to make a few simple repairs or tighten up a few screws. Unfortunately, there are times when it is inconvenient to carry one of these tools, however, even though you know you might run into a situation where it could come in handy. For instance, not all multitools are approved by the Transportation Security Administration, which means you will have to leave yours at home or risk getting it confiscated by security at the airport. But if you’re one of those types of people who always likes to come prepared, you can get around this challenge simply by wearing a 686 Toolbelt, which is in a sense a multitool that you wear around your waist.

Available in six different colors and patterns, the 686 Toolbelt looks like just about any other belt that you might find hanging in your closet. Made from 100 percent full-grain leather, it features a double-pronged buckle made of brushed nickel that only adds to its fashion-accessory facade. But, the belt also lives up to its own moniker by cleverly hiding an array of useful tools right on your waist, where they can be accessed as needed.

Among the tools at your disposal are two screwdrivers (No. 2 Phillips and flathead), a wrench loop with 8mm, 10mm, and 11mm options, and a bottle opener that is integrated in the buckle. Each of these items fit in nicely with the belt’s design and aren’t at all apparent to anyone who takes just a passing glance at what you are wearing. This allows the 686 Toolbelt to fly under the radar, while still managing to keep a few useful tools close at hand.

686 is a company that is best known for making technical apparel for skiers and snowboarders, and while most of their gear is aimed at keeping us comfortable outside in the elements, they have garnered a reputation for innovation as well. The 686 Toolbelt falls squarely into that category, offering a nice blend of both form and function. This is an accessory that you can wear with you just about anywhere, and no one will know that you actually have a mini toolkit around your waist, but of course that is part of its charm.

The 686 Toolbelt is available in four sizes: small (26 to 30 inches), medium (30 to 34 inches), large (34 to 38 inches), and extra large (38 to 42 inches) and is priced at $45. Find out more at

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