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Casio’s latest Pro Trek watch is an outdoorsman’s solar-powered dream

casio pro trek prg600y 1
Casio’s line of Pro Trek watches have always been designed and built with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Deftly blending the digital and analog worlds, these timepieces offer a host of features, along with rugged good looks and a high level of durability. But the latest addition to the Pro Trek lineup includes all of that, plus the ability to keep itself fully charged for weeks on end using nothing more than the light from the sun.

The Pro Trek PRG600Y-1 may not have a particularly memorable name, but it does bring a number of other impressive features to the table. For instance, it comes equipped with Casio’s latest Triple Sensor Engine, which turns the watch into a compass for navigation, an altimeter for recording altitude gain and loss, and a barometer for keeping tabs on the weather, too. All of that is important information that any serious outdoor athlete will appreciate having at his or her fingertips, as that data could potentially be vital to their comfort or even survival in the backcountry.


Casio says that this latest generation of its Triple Sensor technology is smaller and more efficient than ever before. In fact, it claims that it is 95 percent slimmer and uses 90 percent less power as well. But, those same tiny sensors are also highly sensitive and accurate in their readings, giving them the ability to display direction, changes in altitude, and fluctuation in atmospheric conditions in both digital and analog formats. The watch also comes equipped with a thermometer and can display temperature readings in a digital format as well.

But those aren’t the only tricks the PRG600Y-1 has up its sleeves. The watch can also display the current time obviously, but not just at your current location but in 29 cities worldwide as well. It also comes equipped with five daily alarms, a calendar that is accurate through 2099, and a countdown timer, too. And if that wasn’t enough, its face acts as a solar panel, powering the watch using the rays of the sun. When fully charged, the Pro Trek can run for seven months without requiring a recharge, or up to 25 months when stored in complete darkness in its power savings mode.

Because this watch is meant to be used in the outdoors, Casio has made sure it is tough enough to survive in extreme places. To that end, the PRG600Y-1 will continue to function in temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius), and when submerged in water down to 100 meters. And since it was built with the needs of hikers, climbers, and adventure travelers in mind, it is rugged enough to survive the rigors associated with those activities as well.

In an era when smartwatches have grown in popularity it is nice to see a traditional watchmaker sticking to its roots. Smartwatches are useful in a lot of ways, but most aren’t built to survive in the outdoors, nor do they have long enough battery life to last for days without a recharge. The PRG600Y-1 offers features that are smart in their own right, and are certainly ones that outdoor enthusiasts can appreciate.

The Casio Pro Trek PRG600Y-1 is available now for $320.

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