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Gym and Studio Sync lets Strava users upload their indoor workouts too

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Strava (iOS/Android) has been one of the top fitness apps for outdoor athletes for several years now, allowing runners, cyclists, rowers, skiers, and even rock climbers to track and share their workout data online. But the company knows that not all workouts take place outdoors and that many of its users spend plenty of time in the gym too. To better meet the needs of those users Strava is updating its platform by adding a new option called Gym and Studio Sync. This feature not only expands the number of activities tracked by the system, but gives users credit for a variety of indoor workouts they do too.

Gym and Studio Sync allows Strava users to link their account with select gyms, fitness studios, and even other apps to automatically upload workout data directly to their online profiles. This gives Strava, which already sees 11 million activities uploaded each week, the potential to become the one-stop shop for storing all workout data, making it easier to track performance improvements from all activities over time. Of course, the data will also be available for sharing with friends too, sparking friendly rivalries and spurring a bit of competition among users.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

So far, Gym and Studio Sync integration has been announced for Flywheel Sports and Expresso cycling studios, the Fitbod (iOS) and LiveRowing (iOS) apps, Life Time gyms, and the Peloton cycling trainer. This gives users the ability to upload data from their morning spin class or workout routine at the gym for instance, or share the data from a cycling or rowing session that they completed indoors while at home. Previously, those types of fitness routines went untracked within the Strava platform, but now any workout conducted with these partners will automatically be shared to the system.

If your favorite gym or studio is not currently on the list, do not lose heart. Strava promises that it will be expanding the list of supported gyms, studios, apps, and devices over the next few months, bringing more partners into the program. The company says that with the addition of the Gym and Studio Sync program, it will now track more than 31 different types of activities, giving users a more well-rounded fitness experience.

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