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Volkswagen’s California XXL concept could be the ultimate camper van

At the Caravan Salon show held in Düsseldorf, Germany, in June, Volkswagen showed off a concept vehicle that promises to be the ultimate option for those looking to lead the #vanlife. Falling somewhere between a regular camper van and a full-blown RV, the California XXL delivers a surprising amount of amenities and space in a vehicle that is capable of traveling both on- and off-road.

The California XXL is a larger version of the existing California camper van. Built on Volkswagen’s Crafter platform, the vehicle features an extra-tall roof and an extended wheelbase to provide a bit more space inside. It comes with an all-wheel drive system for tackling tough terrain and slick conditions, air suspension for smoothing out bumps, and a 175-horsepower diesel engine to get it from one place to the next.

Inside, the XXL has even more impressive features, starting with a climate-controlled lofted sleeping area that includes a panoramic skylight that is perfect for stargazing. An additional child-sized bed pulls out over the passenger area below, and can be stowed away nicely when not in use. The bathroom expands out of the wall to create a privacy divider between the front and rear of the vehicle, while also offering access to a full-size toilet, shower, and a sink. Similarly, the kitchen area includes a retractable two-burner stove, dual refrigerators, and a 50-liter capacity freezer. It also comes equipped with storage cabinets, a built-in garbage can, and a magnetic spice rack.

Additional features include an electrical system that offers nine standard outlets and six USB ports, a built-in espresso maker, and an onboard BBQ grill. A fold-out table serves as a dining area at meal time, while a 140-liter tank provides fresh water for drinking, cooking, and showering. The van even has gas-heated floors to take the chill off on those cold winter mornings.

As if that wasn’t enough, the entire van is run by an app installed on a tablet. This gives users the ability to adjust interior lighting, close the skylight, and interact with the camper’s onboard entertainment system, which includes an LCD projector.

Unfortunately, the California XXL remains just a concept vehicle, and Volkswagen hasn’t committed to bringing it to market just yet. But the company has made a habit of taking their concepts and turning them into a reality in the past, so there is some hope that we may see the van in a more tangible form in the future.

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