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BioLite SolarHome 620

BioLite is bringing solar power and light to remote regions of Kenya

BioLite's SolarHome 620 kit brings light and power to remote parts of Kenya, transforming the lives of those who live there.
Turtlebacker Trailer

The Turtlebacker Trailer lets you go camping with all of your outdoor toys

The Turtlebacker Trailer is the ultimate off-road camping trailer with room for ATV's, plenty of gear, and a rooftop tent for sleeping.
Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park looks simply stunning in this timelapse video

The majesty of Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park is shown off in all its glory in this beautifully shot 8K footage.
kai lenny interview

Kai Lenny shows Steve Aoki how to ride a hydrofoil surfboard

Big wave surfer Kai Lenny shows superstar DJ Steve Aoki how to ride a hydrofoil surfboard in this exciting video clip.
X1 Explorer ebike

The X1 Explorer folding ebike can take you 37 miles on a charge

The X1 Explorer ebike is a compact and lightweight folding model with a top speed of 19 miles per hour and a range of 37 miles.
CreekKooler Pup

Floating CreekKooler keeps beverages cold while you paddle around in your canoe

The CreekKooler Pup is a small, lightweight floating cooler designed for use by kayakers and fishermen out on the water.
Leatherman all-black Signal

Back in black: Leatherman’s Signal gets upgrade fans have been clamoring for

Leatherman has released a new version of its popular Signal multitool that includes some new features and an all-black look.
Salomon TV Dream Trip

Go skiing with Salomon TV on this dream trip to Kashmir

Salomon TV gives away a dream trip to Kashmir to go skiing, sharing the amazing cultural experience along the way.
1269963 autosave v1 riding linky with bag

Go ‘hill bombing’ with San Francisco skateboarders in thrilling 360-degree video

This 360-degree video from The New York Times takes us to the streets of San Francisco to go hill bombing with top skateboarders.
Sträva Global Heatmap

Strava’s Global Heatmap shows a billion workouts from across the globe

Strava's Global Heatmap feature gives users an interactive look at all of the workout data coming in from around the world.

Light up your life (and someone else’s) with LuminAID’s smart solar lanterns

LuminAID launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its garden lantern with a built-in solar panel that can be used for disaster relief.
Burton Olympic Snowboard Uniform

Futuristic snowboard uniform debuts for U.S. athletes at the 2018 winter games

Burton has designed a futuristic snowboarding uniform for the 2018 Olympic team to wear at the South Korea games in February.
Suaoki S270 portable power station

This portable power station and solar generator keeps your gadgets charged

The Suaoki S270 portable power station can be charged using a solar panel and comes with multiple ports for charging mobile devices.
Epson ProSense GPS Watches

Epson ProSense is the new running watch built for long-distance runners

The Epson ProSense line of running watches are built with ultramarathon runners in mind, offering exceptional battery life with GPS tracking.
Heated Jacket

8K Flexwarm heated jackets are completely controlled with your smartphone

Powered by Flexwarm technology, 8K's heated jackets connect to a smartphone, allowing users to control temperature settings.

REI launches new search engine to help us #OptOutside on Black Friday

REI will again choose to #OptOutside on Black Friday 2017, foregoing the busy shopping day to encourage employees to explore the outdoors.
TAXA Outdoors Mantis Camper

This tiny trailer expands to let you and 3 friends escape to the wilderness

Taxa Outdoor's Mantis camper promises to be the ultimate adventure trailer with plenty of room and amenities for living off the grid.
Mountain Hardwear Impact Initiative

Mountain Hardwear’s Impact Initiative uses environmentalists to inspire others

Mountain Hardwear's Impact Initiative ambassadors are environmentalists, humanitarians, and thought leaders looking to do good.
Method Rain Jacket

This rain jacket is as comfortable as your favorite hoody

The Method rain jacket is completely waterproof but looks like a soft, comfortable hoody that you can wear anywhere.

Heli-biking is the newest extreme sport to hit the Alaskan mountains

Alaska's Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has become the first resort in the U.S. to offer heli-biking, using helicopters to ferry riders to trails.
Romeo Saber Power Pack

The Saber portable power pack can keep your MacBook pro running for days

The Saber battery pack from Romeo Power offers 86 watt-hours of portable power to keep even a MacBook Pro running for hours.
Bisecu smart bike lock

This smart bike lock will automatically unlock when you're ready to ride

Bisecu is a smart lock that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can automatically lock and unlock as you approach or walk away.
Strava Posts

Strava is now a full-fledged social network with addition of ‘posts’ feature

With the addition of "posts" to an athletes profile, Strava has become a social network for athletes looking to share tips and stories.
Vollebak Blue Morpho Ski Jacket

The butterfly-inspired Blue Morpho jacket helps skiers stay visible at all times

The Blue Morpho jacket uses two billion reflective glass spheres in its fabrics to help skiers to stay more visible in low light conditions.
REI used outdoor gear

REI is listing used outdoor gear on its website at substantial discounts

A new section on the REI website allows outdoor enthusiasts to purchase used gear at substantially discounted prices.
Fitly Running Backpack

This backpack was specifically designed for use on short, intense runs

Fitly is a small backpack built to carry everything a runner needs for short and fast runs, including cell phone, keys, and a rain jacket.
SlingFin Honey Badger Backpack

SlingFin’s Honey Badger backpack is finally coming to Kickstarter

In development for more than five years, the SlingFin Honey Badger hardshell backpack is finally coming to Kickstarter.
Kinesix ThermoSmart Jacket

Kinesix is the smart, heated jacket that automatically adjusts its temperature

Kinesix is a heated jacket that can automatically sense the temperature inside and adjust the amount of heat provided accordingly.
Beeline Smart Compass

Turn a regular bike into a smart one by attaching this gadget to the handlebars

The Beeline is a smart compass that can be added to the handlebars of any bike. When paired with a smartphone, it provides GPS navigation.
Action Jacket

This limited-edition outdoor jacket just scored $150K on Kickstarter

Launched don Kickstarter, the waterproof Action Jacket has pulled in more than $150,000 to create an outdoor jacket for the active lifestyle.
Gazelle Avenue

Leave the car behind with this commuter-focused ebike from Gazelle

The Gazelle Avenue is an ebike designed for comfortable commutes through urban settings using an advanced Shimano STEPS drive system.

The Firefly fire starter is a handy upgrade for the iconic Swiss army knife

Launched on Kickstarter, Firefly is a handy fire starter that conveniently stores in the toothpick slot on a Swiss Army Knife.
Patagonia Worn Wear

Trade in your old Patagonia gear to get new stuff — and help save the planet

Patagonia's Worn Wear program allows customers to trade in their older gear for credit toward buying new products from the company.
Whitepod Eco-Lodge

The Whitepod luxury eco-lodge is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps

Whitepod is an eco-luxury hotel located in the Swiss Alps where visitors stay in custom-built geodesic dome suites with stunning views.