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Turn a regular bike into a smart one by attaching this gadget to the handlebars

Navigation options for cyclists continue to get more sophisticated while also becoming easier to use. Case in point is the Beeline smart compass, which has been designed to attach to the handlebars of nearly any bicycle. It offers turn-by-turn navigation to riders, allowing them to keep their smartphones safely tucked away in their pocket for the entire ride.

Small and lightweight, the Beeline is both water- and shock-resistant, making it durable enough to survive daily commutes through the city or along single-track routes on a mountain bike. The device comes in a silicone case that doubles as a handlebar mount, making it easy to install and remove.

The compass pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and connects to a companion app available for both iOS and Android. The app gives users the ability to configure the Beeline and find directions to wherever they want to go. It also keeps a log of the user’s ride history, tracking distance, time, route, and other important metrics.

Beeline: Smart Navigation made Simple

When locked in place on the handlebars, the compass provides navigational cues in the form of an arrow that points toward the destination. The Beeline offers two different modes of navigation, either providing turn-by-turn directions for the fastest route, or a more free-flowing option that points the rider in the general direction, but allows him or her to choose the path for themselves.

The Beeline’s LCD screen is bright enough to be seen even in direct sunlight, and can display a variety of information as needed. In addition to the compass needle indicating which direction to ride, it calculates the distance to the destination and estimated time of arrival. It can also display the current speed, a trip odometer, and the time. And since i’is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a 30-hour life span, riders can go for days without having to plug the Beeline in for a charge. 

Available through Amazon, the Beeline sells for $139, making it a relatively inexpensive way to add smart features to any bike. Find out more at

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