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Polar introduces new M460 bike computer with smart coach option

Polar M460 Bike Computer
Polar, known worldwide for its fitness wearables and training computers, has some good news for bicyclists. The company on Wednesday introduced its latest and greatest bike computer, the M460. With support for a long list of third-party power meters and improved power measurements, the M460 is bound to be a hit among cyclists looking to streamline their training and improve performance.

Polar leveraged its experience with training computers to produce the M460, a versatile bike computer likely to appeal to all levels of cyclists. The M460 has an integrated GPS to calculate distances and speed, and a barometer-based inclinometer that’ll track the slope of the hills a rider is cycling. The bike computer also can pair with Polar’s new H10 heart rate monitor, which allows a cyclist to track their exertion. The M460 also has a smart coaching feature that helps a rider optimize training and monitor recovery.

Polar focused on improving power measurement when it designed the M460. The bike computer also supports an extensive list of third-party power meters that help a cyclist train within a target zone and pace themselves on longer rides. The M460 tracks a variety of power measurements that can be used improve a cyclist’s training. These metrics, developed along with Training Peaks, help a cyclist gauge the physical demands of each workout, as well as the relative intensity of a training session or race. The M460 also tracks the overall intensity and volume of training so a cyclist can improve their performance and not overtrain.

Cyclists that train with a smartphone can take advantage of the M460’s connectivity, which includes notifications for incoming calls, texts, calendar alerts, and even social media conversations. There’s also support for Strava Live segments, which lets an athlete analyze their performance by comparing real-time stats to their existing personal records or to another person’s performance on that particular segment.

The M460 will be available in April with a starting price tag of $179.90. It also will be sold in a bundle with the Polar H10 heart rate monitor for $229.90.

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