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This rain jacket is as comfortable as your favorite hoody

A good rain jacket is an essential piece of gear for anyone who spends a lot of time in the outdoors, and needs to keep wind and rain at bay, even if those garments seldom score points for being comfortable or fashionable. But Minim, the company best known for its good looking and versatile waterproof pants, is hoping to change that by creating a new jacket that looks more like a soft hooded sweatshirt than a traditional rain coat.

The Method rain jacket comes in both a full-zip model and a pull-over quarter-zip version. Both are made from a specially developed fabric that features two layers of brushed fleece with a waterproof, breathable membrane sandwiched in between. The fleece gives the hoodie its soft, cozy qualities, while the membrane keeps moisture from soaking through the exterior of the jacket, allowing the wearer to stay warm and dry as a result.

Designed with a unisex fit, the Method features an athletic cut designed to hug the body without inhibiting motion. This makes it a great option for running and cycling in rainy conditions, as the waterproof membrane, working in conjunction with strategically placed side vents, allows heat and perspiration to escape, while preventing even heavy rains from reaching the interior. Zipped pockets keep important items such as smartphones or wallets well-protected, too.

Method Rain Jacket

Typically, a jacket’s waterproof rating is listed in millimeters, with higher numbers indicating better performance. Minim says that the Method has a 10,000 mm rating, meaning that it can keep out heavy rain and wet snow, even under high pressure. That rating means that the hoodie falls somewhere between a typical ski jacket and heavy-duty rain gear.

The Method launched on Kickstarter last week with Minim looking to raise $10,000 in crowdfunding to get the hoodie into production. The project rocketed past that goal and has already raked in more than three times that amount and counting. With the necessary funding secured the pullover version of the jacket should begin shipping in December at a price tag of $119. The zippered version will become available in March 2018, priced at $149. Early bird adopters can pre-order the hoodie of their choice now however for $89 and $109, respectively.

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